2008 - My Favorite 12" Dolls from Integrity Toys

I have pulled a few pictures of my favorite 2008 dolls from Integrity Toys.
Up first are the two Australian Agnes Convention Dolls: High Gloss and Firefly. HG is wearing a lovely OOAK dress made by Jan Good (Canada). She calls it "South Seas Adventure." Necklace is a Tonner item. Firefly is wearing her original outfit.

The Eugenias were drop dead gorgeous! The first below is the W Club doll Going Public. She is wearing a dress from the Kyori Atelier giftset. Second is Most Desired Eugenia. She came in a big blue gown. She is wearing a dress by Ovaz. And in the red dress is Fine Jewel Eugenia who was one of the table dolls at the convention. I have heard that she is selling for more than $500. She is an amazing-looking doll.

Three Vanessas were available this year, Color Therapy, Metal Maven and Shirred Not Shaken. The latter, not dressed in her original dress,  did not make the cut although I have restyled her odd hairdo and she is somewhat attractive.
Color Therapy below is wearing a lingerie outfit from the 2005 Toronto convention called My Precious. The shoes, bag and jewelry are from other outfits. She is not a very popular doll probably due to her huge, thick head of red hair and squinty-looking eyes. I think she's dramatic. Metal Maven is wearing one of Natalia's dresses.

There was one Isha release this year and it was a spectacular dressed doll called Purple Pose. In this picture she is seen looking at one of my tiny red poodle figurines.

From the Hollywood Royalty Line I have chosen this Basic Lana doll known as Iconic as my favorite. It was a little hard to get used to her because she does not have an aggressive palette and over the top features like the Fashion Royalty dolls. She is lovely. She is shown wearing an Ovaz gown.

The Muse Adele, available at this past convention, is one of the most beautiful Adeles of all. Her hair is flocked and her screening is perfection. She is wearing Concerto in M Agnes' black gown from the Baltimore convention (with a different belt) and the faux fur shrug, red gloves and earrings from her own outfit. Necklace is from another outfit.

Erin and Colette, the new Nu-Face dolls are just so perfect that I haven't even redressed them. I adore them!

The delicate-looking blonde below is Eden. She is a new character who was introduced as part of a two- doll set along with a character called Lillith. The set was called Elements of Surprise.  I'd love to see more of this pretty doll.

Last, but in no way least, is Kumi. This gift set blows me away every time I look at it. The clothes she came with and her face are amazing.

It's a good thing to love your dolls! Here's to a new year filled with more spectacular little faces and wonderful outfits. Happy New Year to all my readers.

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