Rondelet, Her Gown

 Here are some photos of the outfit I recently purchased from a W Club (Gene Marshall) member. I didn't care for the doll herself but I knew I had to have the gown.

This is the description of the fashion from the Integrity site:
Rondelet features a striking song of a dress composed in equal measures of soft blush tones and rich, ebony texture. A blush pink sweetheart bodice is punctuated with a row of brilliant diamantine buttons and is flared into a lavish, peplumed overskirt. The daringly angled overskirt soars from a deep hem in the back to the abbreviated front where rows and rows of black tulle ruffles are punctuated with wisps of feather and spangled with glittering black sequins. Accessories for Rondelet include a matching butterfly design 'diamond' bracelet and asymmetrically worn necklace enhanced with even more diamonds at the ears. Opera length black gloves and black taffeta covered pumps finish the look.

I love this fashion. It fits beautifully and was easy to put on the doll. I have two small comments. The buttons are very large and protrude out from the dress more than a normal button would at this scale due to the large shank on the back. The diamantine face droops in awkward ways because of this. Smaller rhinestones should have been used.

The earrings arrived with their posts bent down. At first I wondered if they were meant to be hook-type pins but I knew that was ridiculous. Having previously broken posts of Integrity earrings, I wasn't about to straighten these so I just hooked them onto the top of the dress.

However, the jewelry is gorgeous with it's pink and clear rhinestones. The gloves weren't impossible to get on but they weren't as easy as they could be. If only IT would use the fabric Dressmaker Details uses for it's gloves.
My model for this fashion is Essentialy Gene Marshall (Blush) whose hair was restyled by Jim Gaddis.

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