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Playing Dolls

After a stressful day yesterday, I took some serious doll playtime. I wired a doll for the first time and she's much more pleasant to handle. Three dolls were redressed and rewigged.

These are all iPhone pictures.
 Good grief, Sybarite's heads are huge! Geometry looks like an Amazon next to Ms. G and Nelson.

Nelson is gorgeous in her peachy pink wig and pastel Ficon gown. Ms. G, newly wired, is standing nicely for the first time. Now maybe I can start to enjoy her instead of fiddling with her legs all the time.


Last Doll Standing

All my dolls are packed. Sigh. These were the last three:

Now they are in their own special boxes waiting for their new home. 


Photoshoot (The Do-Over)

Dasha and Elise had a second chance in front of the camera earlier today. What a difference the proper background makes!

 Mauve Absolue wearing Behind the Drama's gown and a vintage mink stole.

 Geometry showed up wearing a Ficon leather gown.

In the image above, I desaturated the backdrop and column.


Fun Photoshoot

This photo shoot stars Sybarite Geometry wearing Blade's pantsuit and a Patta wig. The other star is Tonner's Stelmaria, Lord Asriel's daemon. In cameo roles are the Rudettes. They had to examine the new pet carrier after the shoot. It met with their approval.


Let's Start 2012 by Featuring Glorious Repaints seen on Prego

There is a lot of glorious eye candy in the form of repainted dolls being posted today on Prego. Here are a few just from the first page.
First up by Nigel Chia:
Freeze Frame Avantguard and Spring Kissed respectively. Amazing, right?

Next, a Monster High repaint/redress by Freddy Tan:
Do you see her nails?

By Laurie Lenz:
"Always Playing Solitaire" Ellowyne Repaint.

By France Briere:
Silkstone Barbie.

From (the amazing) James in Florida:
Repainted Sybarite Geometry.



I need this doll.

I need [want] Sybarite Geometry. She is gorgeous.

Mike aka "laughon45"



I love everything about her!
I am aware that someone has her listed for $1300. on eBay but I'm not going there.  I would be very happy with a nude or even a nude, bald one. Maybe Santa is listening.

Check these links for more pictures: