Playing Dolls

After a stressful day yesterday, I took some serious doll playtime. I wired a doll for the first time and she's much more pleasant to handle. Three dolls were redressed and rewigged.

These are all iPhone pictures.
 Good grief, Sybarite's heads are huge! Geometry looks like an Amazon next to Ms. G and Nelson.

Nelson is gorgeous in her peachy pink wig and pastel Ficon gown. Ms. G, newly wired, is standing nicely for the first time. Now maybe I can start to enjoy her instead of fiddling with her legs all the time.


  1. Very pretty Terri, but I have to say in my opinion the syb is the prettiest! I know it's a personal thing but for me the sybs are the most glamorous, and love their sophisticated faces. Lovely.

  2. i'm glad you started wiring. it adds to enjoyment for me with some dolls that i would otherwise never play with

    1. I'm so glad I finally had the courage to follow instructions and do it. It took a bit of courage.

  3. I'm so happy you were able to take some time to decompress and play, Terri. Hang in there, my friend. *hugs*

    I absolutely ADORE Geometry, she's one of my favorite Sybs.
    So if you were ever considering selling her, please keep me in mind? *looks ingratiating*

  4. Geometry is not going anywhere. :-)