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Post Holiday Sales

A mix of sale items follow. These shops have many other items on sale as well.

Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
In my opinion, the above are two of the worst-looking dolls ever created.

Regular Price $229.95  On Sale $149.99
Fashion Doll Agency Angelic Dreamz Exclusive Petra Doll
Excellent price.

LE 305 $65 Sale $35
TV Ginny (Modern Repro) Two Day Dreamers  Large selection of Modern Ginny dolls at reduced prices.

Price Was $224.99  Sale Price $99.99
Antoinette Doll - Emphatic LE 250  Marl & B

  Regular Price $44.95  Now $24.95
My Favorite Barbie Collection - Black Barbie 2010  - Seller 
Prices for this doll are all over the place. This is about the lowest around.

Was $599.95  Special Value $229.95
A Fashionable Life Cissy   the Toy Shoppe
This is the lowest I have seen this doll. It was originally, ridiculously overpriced. Look at that fashion! I want it. There are other 21" Cissy dolls at lowered prices as well.

Originally $59.99  Now $39.99
The Toy Shoppe   Effanbee (a Tonner Company) Silver Sensation Daphne  (Left)
Doll has the older AR body without bendy wrists. This was a very, very popular doll that sold out everywhere. They must have been hiding in a warehouse somewhere. She is gorgeous!

It's a good time to look around for sales as most companies will be introducing their new 2011 dolls in a month or two. 


New Cissy: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid.

Here is one of the new Cissy dolls from the 2010 Madame Alexander line. What is up with the terrifying-looking dolls this year? Is it a reaction to the economy and the weather or what? The gown is gorgeous. The stockings and shoes are to-die-for. But the face and the hair. OMG. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
The names of three of them are laden with emotional overtones. Lust is one and sorry I don't remember the others but I will fill in the blanks later today.
From what I've been reading on the internet, the reaction to these dolls is very bad. It's another "What Were They Thinking?" event.