My Beautiful Kingdom Doll, Envy

Here are two new photos of this beautiful doll.
She is wearing a wig made by Chewin.
Her red velvet gown is Sybarite Fidele's. The faux fur stole is by Integrity Toys.
The necklaces are by Kingdom Doll and the earrings may be Franklin Mint.
The background is a Tonner Evangeline or Ellowyne mirror.

I really like the black and white version because it shows the highlights and they seem to glow. I love being able to see the back of her wig as well. 


  1. She looks a great deal like Iman, David Bowie's beautiful widow.......

  2. Oh she is a stunner! I love the braids, it's a fabulous wig, I've never seen one like this before. I recognized that stole straight away, I have one just like it, from my Katy Keene. I'm with you regarding the black & white shot, I love B&W photos, sometimes they show up the finer details much clearer than colored photos.
    Big hugs,