The Final 2017 W Club Exclusive: "Fame & Fortune" Vanessa Perrin Gift Set

My word...someone finally woke up and realized that this is the WClub, not the Poppy Parker Club. It feels as if they've pulled out the BIG guns for the last couple of dolls. The final club exclusive doll is actually a Vanessa with her original sculpt.

The gift set consists of a lovely doll, two complete fashions, luggage, lingerie, specially made full glove/hands that are interchangeable with her own hands, jewelry, a purse, sunglasses and hair sticks.
The retail price is $250. plus postage and will arrive some time during the summer of 2018. A deposit of $35. is required no later than January 19, 2018.

Head Sculpt:
Vanessa Perrin 1.0
FR 6.0
Foot Sculpt:
Skin Tone:
FR White
Hair Color:
Soft Ebony
Yes, Hand-applied

Still "the" face of W Cosmetics after all these years, the eternally youthful Vanessa Perrin has brought much "Fame and Fortune" to her old sister and has always been there through thick or thin. Now more than ever, everyone's fashionista brings her own brand of gorgeousness to the table and shows everyone how it's done!
Vanessa Perrin is a 12.5-inch fully articulated fashion doll with luscious rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes. In this exquisite gift set, Vanessa Perrin redefines what it means to be a fashionista by including three complete looks that will take her from day-to-night faster than a roll of the dice! First, she starts her day in a lovely Asian inspired lingerie set that includes a custom printed kimono with high-contrast details, then she sets the tone as she runs to catch a train in a high-fashion two-piece ensemble composed of a sheer blouse, black pants and custom embroidered gloves that are sure to become an instant conversation starter as she travels to her next appearance. Then, she quickly switches to a soft, bright pink asymmetrical evening gown with delicate embroidery and beading details to attend one of the most highly-anticipated galas of the year! Vanessa comes complete with two pairs of shoes, a set of regular hands and a set of gloved hands, two jewelry sets, two fully functional (i.e. you can put her favorite accessories inside) monogrammed pieces of luggage, a clutch purse and sunglasses. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This doll cannot stand alone; a doll stand is included. A W Club members-only exclusive.

I was a little surprised by the pink dress as there was another pink Vanessa issued at Fashion Fairytale this past summer. 

I love pink gowns. I would love to have the one shown above but it's not going to happen. I do have this one.

 In fact, I have more than one shelf in one of my cabinets devoted to Vanessa dressed in some sort of pink fashion.

Regarding the black slacks, blouse and glove ensemble...the gloves are TDF and that was a no-brainer; however, now that we see how it's done, it shouldn't be difficult to reproduce in any color.
I like the tailored, fitted semi-sheer blouse. I'm not a fan of the way the hems look on the pants. They probably need to be ironed. We have seen the shoes previously. Meh.
Hopefully the luggage will be the same quality as it was in the past. I'm not a fan of the pink stripe down the front.


  1. Interested to read what you think of her, as I remember you are a great fan of 1.0. You are right, for the couple of years it seemed the WClub belong to all other dolls, except FR ladies. Finally, you can feel they are coming back to the roots. Good decision!

    1. I'm ordering her so you can guess what I think. Yes, Vanessa was my favorite sculpt until someone had a brilliant idea to mess with the best doll they ever made. This will be the first Vanessa I'm adding to my collection in about two years.

    2. Glad to hear that, hope we will add an amazing Van to the collection.

  2. She is drop dead gorgeous. She is 1.0 but doesn't look like any other Vanessa we had.I have seen comparisons to Night Warrior, AFL and even Evermore and this one is totes different. I mean there are similarities but also not in some significant ways. She just looks sultrier. A gorgeous take on the beloved 1.0 sculpt. She almost looks like those OOAK dolls they make for the raffles at convention.

    I could have done without the black outfit because black again = unimaginative and those things on the gloves look like barnacles. The VP logo on the luggage set is also bit tacky to me, but otherwise amazing gift-set. I honestly couldn't love her more. Thanks IT for once again creating a HIT.

    1. ..."also bit tacky to me"...
      Jessy Ayala designed this set, and as much as I love it, I find his style just a bit tacky. At the same time, his style is very fresh, in comparison to the stern and dull designs we had in FR compartment for the past, well, five years. I just hope he doesn't overdo it, with time...

  3. Love the Vanessa sculpt..... wish she came as a basic. She's always so "exclusive". Still, I love this sculpt. Sigh...........

  4. Is this just for member w club members from 2017? What about if I become a member right now? Am I gonna be able to preorder it? Pleaseee let me know thank you so much!!!

    1. Even if you become a member, it wouldn't be available to you from the W Club; however, when the item comes close to the ready date a bunch of members usually ask if anyone will take over their order.