2017 Convention Coverage Part 4: Saturday Evening Gala

As guests entered the ballroom, they were greeted by an absolutely stunning Adèle Makéda doll as the evening's centerpiece, standing amidst a gorgeous set of acrylic mountains and channeling the Snow Queen. As everyone sat down for this final meal of the weekend with their friends, they also received the final component to complete the "Build-a-Giftset" Nadja Rhymes; an adorable little dress that will make Nadja the cutest Sleeping Beauty ever!

Frosted Glamour
Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Gala Dinner Event Centerpiece Doll
Edition Size: 420 Dolls

Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Official Convention Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Sweet Dreams 
Welcome Multi-Part Giftset
Nadja Rhymes™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Build-a-Giftset Part C (Outfit)
Edition Size: 600 Outfits

The winners of the convention design competition were announced-
Diorama Design Competition:

People's Choice: Jeanette Howard

Photo by CrystalCA

Judge's Choice: Kelly Rinaldi

Photo by Sunflower

Doll Design Challenge:
People's Choice: Dal Lowenbein
Judge's Choice: Dal Lowenbein

Photo by DoubleSupaFantastico

Congratulations to all three winners. Each entry is fabulous!

The centerpiece Adele is a beauty. Nice to see that they used the Adele 2.0 sculpt.
Elyse is getting a bit over-used. She's my current favorite sculpt but I'll pass on this one. It's not special enough. 
It will be interesting to see how IT interprets Dal's creative White Rabbit for next year. It's precious! 

Portland, Oregon was announced as next year's location for a convention. Interesting choice.


  1. I was surprised (not in a good way) that Elise had purple hair. I can't do purple hair, or blue, or any other unnatural color. I just can't. Only real hair color for me.

    I wasn't expecting much from this event, given I don't like fantasy or fairy tales very much, but I didn't expect to like nothing at all. That did surprise me. Maybe I'm just too rigid in what I am looking for, but hey, it's my money. I'm not going to spend it on something that doesn't make me happy.

    I did get some of the mainline dolls, which I found infinitely better than the convention dolls, so there are things I like.

    1. What did you get? Did you attend? As far as the purple hair, that didn’t affect my decision to not go for her. I’m just jaded with the choices. Also, when I read that the Dioresque gown had glitter dots I nearly puked. Seriously? I’m guessing you liked Eugenia. Am I right?

    2. FWIW, if the purple was the ONLY thing you didn't like, it would be pretty easy to cover over it into black. Spray or various other applications.

  2. I love fairytales! IMO this was the best convention ever!!!

  3. Love the Elyse. She is rather unique and fits the theme beautifully. I don't think they overused her at all. The last time we had an Elyse as a convention doll was 2013 and the most recent ones are all part of the Jason Wu 10th anniversary collection that are super hard to get.

    The diorama and design winners are great. Very original and creative. I hear the winning design will not be made into a doll. They have the club challenge for that this year.

    I find Adele hideous. Her screening is nice and soft but that crass hair color combined with that screening is just yikes. I am not completely opposed to eclectic styling but there is something very off-putting about this doll that I cannot quite put into words. I know IT likes to mix things up and be creative but for the Ice Queen I was hoping to see something like Flawless Elyse. Nadja, on the other hand, they did beautifully. Her screening and especially her hair color are spot on. She is such a babe and I love the pink colored dress that is part of her gift-set.

    I really loved this convention.

    1. Thank you for your comments.

    2. If you had the white gown from Annika at IFDC, it would work well with this Adele. She's definitely not for everyone.

  4. I also not into Fairytales theme, but I like Nadja, she is a nice doll, I got her nude (open eyes version) I would like to get in a future her lingerie and extra head pack. In second place, Erin is not part of my collection but I pre-ordered Metamorphosis and I would like to add 24K, complete if it is possible. Sea-Devil Veronique, she's a strange girl with a strong personality, love that green dress, I think she is pretty underrated. Then is Bite Out Eugenia, she has a nice screening, she will be a great model to photograph. And finally, Poppy as one of the Tweedle Twins, I think she is great doll, I hope to be able to find one in the secondary market.

    1. Good luck in finding the dolls you want. I think Veronique is very special I don't love the outfit but it suits her. The only doll I'd like to have now is the convention Adele. She's unique and looks beautiful.

  5. I loved the fairytales theme, but I've just got home after 20 hours of planes and I haven't had time to look closely at them all yet. The OOAK competition is not being made up this year, it was whatever one wanted to do, as long as it was a recognizable character from a fairytale. It is the international competition entries that will be made into an IT doll.