Superdoll Collectables "Vivir"

The hits keep coming. Vivir is a new doll released today. As of this writing it is available for purchase. Link below.
Venus is glam as could be in her polka dot bicorn hat and lace on lace ensemble, but just guessing by her attitude.... She probably not going shopping for wedding gifts!
From the top. A gorgeous bicorn of polka dot netting trimmed in diamante, butterflies and scarlet guipure chrysanthemums. Delicately concealing a white woven base..

Her exceptional long pure black dead straight waist length hair is detailed by cross over woven front hairline... fabulous!
Her eyeshadows in the spectrum of barely visible greys surround her eyes of translucent grey and sky. Lips of pure scarlet.Her 2 piece outfit is simple yet outrageous with a slight Mediterranean luncheon feel... forcing the wedding planner to wonder 'just who is this girl?'It is always fun to spend a day selecting wedding gifts for your best friends wedding, but Venus giggled, and of course is having none of that.Always putting herself first, in a low slashed white lace blouse trimmed in black fringing at the cuffs and black zipper waist cincher atop a scarlet lace transparent skirt; slashed (almost) to her waist, shamelessly flaunting her hold up lace edged striped hose and suspender belts. Cute white blossoms with red centres, and a few garden leaves trim her white vintage style basket purse... her accessory this day.Upon her feet... high heel red on red with transparent everything else sandals.
Venus has no intention of shopping for wedding gifts, but tic tac tic tac she walked through the cobbled shopping streets of London, what would she gift herself today?

Maybe those red frame half mirror sunglasses she has had her eye on.

Clone: 1000 Venus d'RoyceSkintone: COSMETIQUE
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)-booklet-stand
PRODUCTION MAY VARY FROM PROTOTYPE SHOWN.In stock and ready to be deliveredPrice: £274.75 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

(274.75 British Pounds equals 363.22 US Dollar)


  1. I´m not convinced with this doll. Her long raven hair is beautiful, but I don´t like her face-screening and I think the dress is not in the best of taste and cheap looking. The hat is cute, but the big butterfly is a bit to much.
    I also don´t like the storyline, that comes with the doll. This "bad girl egoist with nothing but shopping for herself on her mind"- stuff is boring and senseless.
    Vivir could be a really beautifull doll with a more ladylike and creative couture, a better storyline and a face-screening a bit less aggressiv and seductive. But this is only my opinion and some other Sybarite-fans may think in a different way.

  2. I'm getting bored with SD. Yawn. It's like I either like the face, or don't like the outfit or the hair. It used to be that these amazing pieces came out and I was smitten with them, top to bottom.

    This just LOOKS cheap to me. I don't understand what they are doing. It hasn't just been one or two, it's been...a long long while since I saw a doll they've made and went. Wow.

    I do understand that in order to get these higher edition numbers perhaps they need to use lesser fabrics? I don't know exactly. But the fact they aren't putting out more face molds (I know it is expensive with the 'plastic' stuff to make the mold, but every one has the same face). They have the same eyebrows. Same...same. Same.

    Same combined with cheap looking? I'm passing.

    I miss the avantgarde couture. It used to be that things would come out and you could not NOT want them. :(

    Just my two cents. And I'm sure there are people who love her, and I'm actually very happy for them.

    I DO like the hair on this and the last doll. I DO love the interchangeable hands. But that's it.

    1. I like her wig, too. The outfit, not so much. Could be why she wasn't sold out as of yesterday.