East Meets West Madra and Kingdom Doll Chaucer Exchange Fashions

The first photo shows Madra in her original fashion. I have changed the jewelry. 

The second photo shows Chaucer in Madra's suit. In my eyes, it's a tie as to who wears it better. 

This Asian inspired gown from Rudi Teruel RND Designs is spectacular on Chaucer. Unfortunately my photo does not show that. (Hey, I'm not done learning.)  

On Madra, it is perfect. First of all, the photo is more alive and second, she's got the face and hairstyle to suit the fashion. Madra wins.

Who do you think wears each fashion better?


  1. third try and I guess I have to use google, so annoying:
    Madra is lovely so much so I am hard pressed as I love Chaucer but they both wear it well, I am glad I changed the jewelry I made for one of the tables out as the first sets I had made were hardcore traditional oriental [and way cool] and the second while such [simple flowers] were much more cosmo/generic to go with other gowns like the flowing one