Barbie Fan Club "We're Sorry For Making You Wait" Reward

Those of you who faithfully send your $25 every year to the Barbie Fan Club are being rewarded for having to wait so long this year. According to those in power "the launch of the 2017 Club is part of a newly optimized website experience...and we want to get everything just right for you." The last time they "optimized" the website, all hell broke loose. It still freezes for me on a regular basis.
Even the link:

included in the email announcement, takes one to a blank page. They need help.

In any event, they're offering a "one-use" discount that will be good all year. Unfortunately, one must spend money in order to 'save.'

One detail to note is that the "free standard shipping offer with $100 minimum purchase" is valid even with this offer.


  1. I am not joining the club this year. I got burned last year with that garbage Silkstone Glam Gown and her cheap ass outfit. And I dont like the new articulated Silkstones. They dont have any curves. And looking at the preview of the upcoming Silkstones, I am not very hopeful. The one in the pink tulle outfit has a gorgeous face but that outfit. Yikes. The sequins are out of scale and too big and the whole thing looks totally cheap and tacky. Like the birthday cake of a fairy princess who is 5 years old. The one in the suit looks even worse. All stuffy and uptight.

    Overall I find most of Barbie stuff overpriced these days and I can regularly get things cheaper on ebay.

    1. I hear you. I believe the membership will go down.