Excellent Size Comparison Photo for Integrity Toys Dolls

With permission from MiyukiDollfie on flickr.

From left to right: Poppy Parker, Victoire Roux/BoD, Monogram, FR Tall, FR2, Color Infusion/Jem.

This photo will referenced in a side bar so readers can find it even after it scrolls off.

As far as the bodies, my favorites are the FR2 and the Monogram.


  1. Thanks so much for this comparison chart!! Since I expanded my Integrity collection from Poppy to Victoire, Monogram, etc, it will be nice to have all the body types to compare. I love the clothes, but now I can see who can wear which fashions! Rita in CA

  2. Has anyone done the math? This is for sewing purposes. Thanks, A