New Kingdom Doll Photos

Chaucer wearing a fashion by Magdalena Bareja. The wig is from Kingdom Doll Viola.

Savile models a Tonner gown from a doll called "Cyclone Cantata." Her wig was made by Ilaria.

Viola is wearing an Antonio Realli gown and jewelry by Integrity Toys. Wig by Ilaria in the first photo. I'm not sure who created the platinum wig or the rhinestone jewelry in the second photo.

The second photo of Viola was shot on an iPhone using it's built-in flash. I did tone down some of the glare on her face and chest. You can see that the highlights in her wig are burnt out with no detail. It's far from a perfect way to take pictures but the doll is gorgeous anyway!

Arnamentia is wearing her gorgeous beaded jacket created by Priya Desu Bohra, a Tonner's Precarious "Scandal" skirt and jewelry, possibly by Joy Jared. The wig was made by Cheryl Wood.
She is the newest release from Kingdom Doll and I plan to spend lots of time redressing her.

Looking seriously bored.

My doll room is in a different part of the house from my studio where I take pictures. After I redress a doll, I take pictures with my iPhone. Once in a while they turn out OK, like the one below of Arnamentia wearing her original wig.

Below is a silly photo of Viola and Arnamentia seated on furniture I recently acquired during Horsman's amazing sale. The tables and mirror in the photo are Horsman as well.


  1. Major kudos on your latest score. Proud of you to be able to catch so many of these beautiful stars. She is exquisite as are the other kingdom dolls but I think she is my second favorite so far. I was hoping to be in the running but a business deal fell through o I ill be be happy getting a less expensive not so exclusive resin bjd more in tne with my current collection [fantasy Asian style]

  2. They are gorgeous, Arnamentia reminds me of LiveWire.