Integrity Toy's New Preview Doll: The Industry

They're calling her a 12" Tulabelle but luckily, she doesn't look like Tula at all. The duck lips are gone!

16" Tulabelle on left; 12" Tulabelle on right.

I like the new sculpt much better. The eyes appear to be more in proportion to the rest of her face.  The shape of her head is more realistic. The makeup is more sophisticated (less cartoony.) Her outfit is pretty cool, too.

A Note From Designer David Buttry:

We are so happy to bring you the first doll from our new upcoming doll line. As always, with all of our doll lines, great attention was taken with the construction and detailing of the fashion. As a design choice (not a budgetary decision), we have chosen to use a very fine, micro-velcro closure on the front placket of Tulabelle's shirt. The fabric is very sheer and we did not want to have a visual distraction with the use of hooks and loops, so the decision was made to use velcro. We wanted to make our customers aware of this choice. I hope that you will love the great attention to detail that was incorporated into this doll; we worked hard to make her as visually stunning and versatile as we could!
That's a new path - velcro on Fashion Royalty dolls. I certainly understand the need to reduce bulk in the closures. We'll see if it spreads to other articles of clothing. This may not have been a budgetary decision but it is less expensive to use velcro in any event.

Lady Stardust  LE 500  $120

Here is the back story from IT's promo:

A New Trendsetting Powerhouse!

Tulabelle has just been asked to join a creative fashion collective. Artists, models, photographers, stylists and all-around fashion insiders work together as a one-stop creative powerhouse to influence the fashion world. Tulabelle couldn't be more excited to work with such a varied and talented group of individuals of all ages. The place works like a well-oiled machine and lives up to its name... THE INDUSTRY!

First unveiled last fall at the 2015 Integrity Toys convention in Long Beach, California, THE INDUSTRY is the brainchild of Poppy Parker creator David Buttry! The W Club is proud to finally officially launch this collection today, with the introduction of the first 12-inch Tulabelle doll in the series, Lady Stardust! Available for pre-order from Integrity Toys dealers starting today, the Lady Stardust doll is offered in a super-limited introductory edition size of 500 pieces only and marks the debut of a brand new, ultra-versatile body sculpt (more details about this below, keep reading!).

Stay Tuned, There Is More To Come!

Later this year, you'll get to meet more of Tulabelle's friends who work for THE INDUSTRY. They will have their own take on style, a lighthearted street-influenced collection with a mix of vintage and new. So, get ready for a lot of fun and more fashion adventures! We are excited about this new line and we hope you will be, too!

Note: The doll pictured in this release is a prototype. Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly.

THE INDUSTRY™ In Greater Detail

We chatted with the design team and they explained to us that THE INDUSTRY marks the debut of a brand new, freshly engineered body sculpt!

This new body can be completely disassembled and has interchangeable hands. This really useful feature offers great possibilities when dressing dolls in tight, form-fitting clothes and helps eliminate unnecessary closures that add bulk to scaled clothing whenever possible. Also, this new body features a more versatile foot sculpt that will allow the dolls to easily share shoes with other brands of dolls on the market! Talk about awesome versatility!

Also, THE INDUSTRY marks the introduction of a brand new packaging style designed by our very own Alain Tremblay that includes a portrait picture of the doll with each new release!

Without further ado, here is a shot of the new body in all its glory!
What other brands of dolls are on the market besides Barbie? If these feet can wear earlier FR shoes, that would be a good thing.


  1. That's the old 16" Tulabelle face, back in September she got a new one that looks a bit like the FR16 Hanne.

  2. The 12 inch one is the 16 inch Hanne. I know people on the forum are in denial over it and insist that is a different sculpt. But nonsense. It is the exact same one and the perceived difference is in the screening.

    I don't like the face of this doll here. Or maybe it is the screening. There is nothing about her that screams "must have". That "WOW" factor I feel when I see a doll I love is not there. I think it is a great offering for the price, but I find her features (silver hair color, silver lips, the black outfit, the military boots etc) too "harsh" and crass for me. But I can see her appeal and hope the other dolls in the line are more appealing. It is just that this particular face doesn't do anything for me.

    1. Are you sure? Personally I don't see either 16' Tula or Hanne in this doll. But if I had to choose I'd say she looks more like 16' Tulabelle. Hanne has a more heart shaped face, wider in the forehead and cheekbones and narrow at the chin, kind of like Elise. Tula has an overall rectangle face. Here is a picture https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/crystaldapistol/23908993145/in/search_QM_q_IS_tulabelle+and+hanne_AND_mt_IS_all_AND_w_IS_all

  3. I think the face is a smaller copy of the (new) 16" Tulabelle? Not sure where the confusion comes from.

    I loved the doll! REALLY loved the not so subtle Ziggy Stardust reference. And weirdly, the Tula face does have some similarities to young Bowie... I couldn't order fast enough. Good thing too, although it seemed like a lot of people had doubts about this line/doll, it seems to have sold out in seconds everywhere.

  4. I think the Tulabelle with the braids and pink top is adorable!