Walking the Runway with Kingdom Doll Star and Jamieshow Zita

Every year at this time, collectors get a doll or two ready for the Oscars. This year I have chosen Kingdom Doll Star and Jamieshow Zita as my two representatives to the event.

Star is wearing a gorgeous Tonner fashion, "Venus Rising," a wig by Ilaria (that I wish I had in multiple colors) and silver Sybarite shoes.
The flowing chiffon cape-sleeves of this outfit are separate pieces and have floral embellishments at the shoulder. Unfortunately, Tonner designers thought it would be a good idea to sprinkle glitter (YES, GLITTER) on these flowers, thereby taking the classy level down to 0. In spite of that, it looks beautiful in pictures.
I had to do some temporary stitching to take in the bust and torso area for Star. It takes a little longer than pinning but it's neater and I don't stick myself every time I hold the doll. 
Part of the popular "Gowns by Anne Harper" line, the outfit included rhinestone earrings, bracelet and dark green pumps, retailed for $114.99 and was a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Original Tonner promo photo:

Whoever designed this line and the Hollywood Legends/Glamour Collection through 2009-2011, needs to come back. Overall the fashions were beautifully designed and executed.

See for yourself: http://www.tonnercollectibles.com/aharper.htm


Jamieshow Zita greets her fans. She is wearing Ashton Drake's "Love in Bloom," designed for Gene Marshall by Regina Ganem in 2001 as a dressed doll.  The retail price was $195.
Opera length gloves and matching clutch purse were included but not shown in my photo.
I adore the ribbon embroidery on the sheath and on the removable train. 
The jewelry is Franklin Mint, shoes are IT Gene and wig is Jamieshow.

 Original Ashton Drake promo photo:


Waiting to be interviewed:


  1. Gorgeous gowns and dolls!

  2. I love your photos! I think I need that "Love in Bloom" fashion- it is dangerous to look at your blog sometimes!