New Ficondoll "Lacvert"

For those collectors who are going to try for the new Ficondoll Lacvert, the time zone conversion is often confusing. The sales begin on September 8 at 6:00 AM Korea time. That translates to Monday September 7 at 5:00 PM EDT. (New York, PA, etc.) Price and edition size of Lacvert will be posted on the Ficon site at that time.
 ficondoll website:www.ficondoll.com

Our ultra-talented friend Cholo Ayuyao has photographed this platinum-haired beauty.

Lacvert is a wigged, resin 16.5 inch BJD.
More photos may be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101279871@N08/
I want that gown!


dressed doll
LE 30
"Lacvert" has a new sculpt and pierced ears.
"Lacvert" includes doll, gown, earrings, wig, shoes, doll stand.
(not including extra hands parts and dressing ball parts.)
gown: poly-silk printed Chinese blue plate pattern
makeup: K
outfit: Rhi
wig: Chewin
shoes: Sherry
photo: Cholo
We can ship her in 40 days.


  1. I like the gown more than I like the doll. That gown is amazing.

  2. This is the first Ficon in a while that has really caught my attention. The giraffe/pencil neck thing is still an issue but she is beautiful enough to carry it off. I don't usually go for "gowns" unless they have something truly unique and this one does....it looks wearable.
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  3. It appears that she hasn't sold out yet, even though she is a LE of 30. Is it too soon after Dione? The pictures of Lacvert in all of the different wigs provides a nice sense of her "range," but she doesn't have the same captivating beauty that Dione has from my perspective, and that's not because she is standing right by my computer. ;-)

    1. I don't think she is very attractive at all.