MetroDolls Proxy Bidding - NOW!

For those who cannot attend who want a chance to own one or more of the amazing artist creations donated, proxy bidding will continue until Friday, October 2, 2015.

All the information on how to bid is here: http://metrodolls.blogspot.com/p/proxy.html

Below are the beautiful items available or proxy bidding. Most of the items are the complete dressed doll. In some cases, the offering is for the wig, the jewelry, the outfit or a combination of those.
The link above will take you to the MetroDolls page which has all the information you need to make decisions and bids.

 I see a three items I'd love to add to my own collection.  Hopefully I will remember to keep track of the bids so I can report back on the amount each item brought in.

If money were no object, what would you like to own?


  1. Wow, that KD...

    I know which items I want- I am already predicting a broken heart though, as the amount I can afford to pay is not the amount that the things I want will probably go for.... if only we weren't renovating the house!

    1. Another wonderful thing will come along. Renovating is more important. :-)

    2. True- I will try not to think about her :D

  2. I do not collect big dolls but I love that Dark Elf.

  3. If money was no object... :D
    Aquitaine and Coralline are both incredible. I love the dark elf, but I'd feel like I would have to make appropriate fantasy garb for him and it'd never get done. (Been there, done that with bigger fantasy-based ABJDs..)

    If I didn't have a surprise car breakdown to deal with this week :( , I might have put in for the Amethyst outfit.

  4. Aquitaine- no contest!!!

  5. Oh! The Dark Elf!! Dalila is a true artist; conceptually he is fully realized and superbly crafted.

    as to the rest... MEH typical doll stuff, some nice but not exceptional The KD queen... what Posh Spice would look like as a queen, God help us!

    Lady L.