Wearing the Same Old Outfit!

Going through my photos this afternoon and I thought it would be a good idea to post dolls who have never had an outfit change. 

Elise and Adrian
Sometimes they're just perfect the way they are.


Monogram Allure
I lied. I just changed Allure last week. But she stayed this way up to that point.

Monogram Interlude
Face Time Vanessa. Original is on the right.

Intoxicating Mix Vanessa. The one on the left is the original.

Flame Blue Vanessa
Luxe Life Vanessa
Vanessa (the original sculpt) wins. She always has.

I have three other FR dolls who are still dressed in their original clothes. Somehow they escaped my camera. I don't know how.

My only other dolls who don't get changed are my 5 Cissy megaliths and many Silkstone dolls.
I don't play with the Cissy, the Silkstone or any of my Madame Alexander 10" dolls.  I do have some Tiny Kitty dolls who have not had wardrobe changes but that's for another post, maybe.

Do you have many dolls you don't change?


  1. Wow. Gorgeous dolls and photos! It is dangerous looking at your photos because I learn of dolls that I wouldn't mind adding...

    1. Thanks. That's how I feel when I go on Prego.

  2. Love the comparisons between the Vanessa twins! :)

    I think some of my Sybs are the only ones around here safe from serial re-dressing... Realm is extremely unlikely to be re-dressed. Sanctuary, Gateau and Domina have never been changed, though I'll probably mess with them eventually!

    1. All of my Sybs and other BJDs have had numerous fashion changes.

  3. Your photos are beautiful as always Terri! Like you most of my Silkstones remain in their original outfits because I consider their looks are perfect that way. Many of my dressed Genes & Gene Convention dolls remain in their original ensembles, but others like my JS Black Lipstick Gene has been redressed often! As you saw the day after I received her. :) Some dolls just inspire me to play with them more than others, even when I love their original overall look. ;)

    1. I, too, have redressed my Black Lipstick Gene. She looks wonderful in everything to my surprise. I don't have a single Gene in an original outfit. Actually, most of them are in a drawer undressed right now. It's a phase...

  4. Ollie and Allure tempted me in the past. If only Integrity would work on the quality of the vinyl body parts...... Keep enabling us, Terri. .

    1. Allure's hands (you can't see them in this photo) are already a different color from the rest of her body. UGH

  5. I adore Pale Fire Vanessa. Her outfit is timeless. There have been many similar designs since but not as stunning as this Vanessa's gown.
    I still have my Vanessa Pale Fire wearing her original clothes.
    She's still my favourite FR little lady.