More American Girl Props - Photos by Michael Austin

We're on the topic of props on Prego and more photos have been posted. Michael Austin, aka laughon45, whose photography and dolls are fabulous, has the best collection ever!

Julie's Car Wash Set

Deva Guy is an OOAK of Tom Selleck by Chewin. Pants by Tonner,  coat by Jamieshow and shirt by Chewin.   KD Chaucer is with Tom.  Luggage is Superdoll.  Check top - Ficon, blue pants by a  designer from Poland.

American Girl Baby Grand Piano
 KD Chaucer is playing Piano in a gown by Annie Neeley.
American Girl Trail Bike
KD Hadrian is on  the bike by AG and wearing a jumper by Wilde Imagination.
All wigs by Ilaria.

The stunning grand piano and trail bike are sold out on the AG site but they are available elsewhere. Google them.


  1. Wow- such amazing photos! I love those props so much... especially the piano, car and TOM!

  2. Oh wow, I never thought about props from AG, that's quite perfect!