My Collection: The Best of 2014

For this post, I basically showcase my own collection and some of what I have added this past year.  I've made some wonderful purchases, some so-so average buys and a few mistakes.  My goal was to limit the adding of 12" dolls and concentrate on high quality resin BJD 1/4 scale dolls, fashions and wigs

Resin BJDs accounted for nearly 1/2 of my expenditures. Integrity Toys got about 1/4 of the total. The rest went to Gene (and a convention), Tonner and other assorted dolly miscellany.

In looking back I could have eliminated everything Gene related except for two custom fashions made by Matisse, Madra's dogs and an older Ashton-Drake Violet outfit (shown below.)  I'm just not into Gene any longer. I have sold all my Jamieshow Gene (and Madra, Violet) dolls except for one. They are lovely but not where I want to be.
JS Madra in AD Violet "Special Appearance"
The worst eBay purchase were several pairs of shoes from paul_zhangby and Zhang_young, whom I assume is the same seller, which purported to fit Sybarites. They don't come close. Many of their products claim to fit a wide range of dolls who have different sized feet. What was I thinking to trust this type of advertising? He's still listing doll shoes like this: Brand New Pumps/Shoes /16" Doll Sybarite V3 JamieShow /Ficon /NUMINA /AG. Don't believe it! His shoes are gorgeous and edgy but won't do any good if you can't use them.

Most of the dolls on this 2014 list were discussed on my blog when I got them and not all of them are actually new releases, but they are new to my collection.

I'll begin with my first and only (so far) Deva Doll, Angelo. He has blown away all the competition from the rest of the big guys who live here. I'll let the photograph do the talking as he's already been introduced in prior posts. His face was painted by Chewin who also designed the fashion and wig.

Brunel from Kingdom Dolls hasn't been here very long and I want to play with her. It's a problem when I have too many 'new' dolls. No doll gets the time it deserves.  She is perfect.

Poor Angelo has been trying to date her but she's not having any of it.

Ficon Bonita in a Cheryl Wood wig.
I have quite a few wigs made by the talented Ms. Wood but this is my absolute favorite!
Bonita is a gorgeous doll with great posing ability.

I added two gorgeous Sybarites this past year and several Superdoll outfits.

-a repaint of Dionysis by Yian.  (Chewin wig)

-Fidele wearing Bitter Fern. I removed the pink bow which was at the waist. 

The outfit from Langtry and Madra's Dogs (Ashton-Drake) modeled by Toxica.

The outfit from Masque modeled by Neurotica. Mohair wig by Ilaria.

The outfit from Gateau modeled by Domina.
I never tire of looking at my Sybarites and their gorgeous fashions.

Moving over to Integrity Toys, their FR16 dolls, at first, didn't impress me. Once I started collecting their outfits however, the dolls began to grow on me. Their bodies pose beautifully.
This is Tyler head on a Tulabelle body wearing a FR16 Platinum Society. It's a favorite.

As far as their 12" dolls issued during the year, nothing made the cut except three from the convention.

Going off the track here for Gloss' "Evening Siren" Ayumi who is such an improvement over the original Ayumi I felt it deserved mention and images from her spotty past. :-)
It's a fact that the face-up makes or breaks the sculpt.

This is the After:

Here are the Befores:

If at first you don't succeed...

I always felt that Natalia's original and more ethnic sculpt was beautiful and should have been preserved.  She was gorgeous.  The "refreshed" sculpt looked just like all the other dolls with their pointy little noses and pucker lips. They're OK but this Natalia was special. "Femme du Monde" 2006.

However, Grandiose Natalia was a surprise. I actually like her a lot and added her to my collection. What is it about this particular doll? It's not the pointy eyebrows. She's just stunning.

And then there's Elise. She has become my favorite FR sculpt. I've given up on Vanessa and although two were added to my collection this year, they are not favorites.

In the following photo, one of the 2014 convention centerpieces, Elise Jolie "Intrigue," is shown with Adrian Von Lamberg "Night Vision" from the 2010 Dark Romance Collection. That was the last FR convention I attended and I had him at that time but I was not collecting male dolls. That changed this year as I sought to add some special Hommes to the tribe.

About two months ago I swapped with someone for an Avantguard which had been repainted. It was pretty awful once I saw it in person. My dear friend, Vin Trapani, rescued this doll from a dark drawer with his inspired re-repaint.
She is currently on a Tulabelle body and looking great.

Memorable 1/6 scale fashions:
Poppy "Glamorous Darling" and "IT Girl" adorn one of my mini Avantguard dolls and a Monogram doll.

This dress was created by V.Jhon. It is modeled by Tropicalia Vanessa.

So there you have it.

I haven't determined my goals with doll collecting for 2015. What I do know is that I spend way too much time where they are concerned. I want to put together a book showcasing my black and white NYC era photography. That will take a long, dedicated piece of time.

I've had so much fun with dolls and doll people over the last decade or so but I have to bring back the joy that my creativity gave me and let it out of it's holding cell.


  1. Lovely, thoughtful review and overview, Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Hmm, I'm sure there's a story behind the emphasis on "my own collection"

    It's funny how people's tastes change about the dolls they collect, I wonder if this happens to collectors of other things too? Do people who collect miniature cars stop/start collecting certain types? Do people who collect stamps stop collecting certain countries? It would be interesting to ask.

    In my case, I find it interesting when I hear someone (like you) leans more towards the 16 inch dolls after starting on the 12 inch. I started collecting with FRs, but instead of going bigger, I've gone smaller. I sold off my FR girls when they had the first new, taller body. I don't collect anything taller than Misaki now, & I have some teeny little dolls like my Picco Neemo girls. And even though they may technically not be "dolls" I consider my Pinky St, Minions, & my Pose Skeletons to be part of my doll collection.

    1. There's a reason more than a story behind that.
      Regarding large or small dolls, I actually started with 16" Tonners, went to Tiny Kitty, to Fashion Royalty and never really gave up anything.

  3. Your dolls are beautiful and you are very...very...skilled at bringing out the best in them in your photos.
    I hope you will be posting some of your NY photos online too.
    As always love the blog
    Will C.

  4. I, too, bought a pair of boots from "Paul Zhangby" on Ebay. They were supposed to fit flat-footed Firmly Planted Ellowyne, but they were way too small. He did refund my money, and did not ask me to send them back (as if I could send them all the way back to China). I still have the boots and am wondering if they would fit a Marley-sized doll. But it's kind of silly for me to buy a whole doll just to see if the boots fit her, isn't it? ;-) Or not.

    1. Hmmm...can't go by what I think is silly.
      Sell them.

    2. I'm not a good one to go by either. I accidentally ordered a JAMIEshow rooted wig cap for a Demi doll. Instead of sending it back, I though, well, I had wanted to try one anyway and ordered the Demi Ginnie. I just love her. :-)

  5. What an excellent summary for your Doll 2014! You acquired some beautiful dolls, and the way you present them is stunning. I love seeing the variety in both dolls and outfits here and throughout the year. It has been quite educational and helped me begin to think through what direction I want to take my own collection.

    Sometimes I agree with you, and other times I don't, but I like the way you present your opinions. It keeps me looking forward to new posts. Plus, I've purchased some things I might not have otherwise, much to my delight.

    One blog comment that I read -- I can't remember if it was here or somewhere else -- really has me thinking as I consider 2015. It was from an older collector who said that as she's aged that it has become harder to enjoy the 12" lines because they are harder to dress/style due to the smaller, and therefore more difficult, closures. She found herself more grateful for her 16" and larger dolls.

    Have you made any doll resolutions for 2015? One of mine is to buy a Kingdom Doll beauty, if possible!

    1. Doll resolutions? Spend less but buy quality.
      Pretty much the same resolution as last year.
      I don't really want to grow my 12" collection. Actually, I have a few I'd like to re-home but I'm not in a hurry. My other resolution is to play more with my larger dolls. Redress them and photograph them in different settings and outfits. I want to wire a few of my resin BJDs to enhance their posing abilities.
      I don't have a problem dressing the 12" dolls. They're pretty easy to play with.
      Thanks for reading the blog and for all of your commentary!