Ayumi's New Look and Adele's Incarnations

Ayumi Nakamura is a character who was introduced to the NuFace (originally called Model Behavior) collection in 2007. That doll was called Miracle Child. If I remember correctly, the Model Behavior dolls were quite popular. Ayumi wasn't as popular as Erin, Colette and Giselle.
The next Ayumi incarnations were London by Night in 2008 and Sunset Rave in 2011. By that time, the Model Behavior line was called NuFace and many new characters had been added. Ayumi seemed to have faded away along with Nadja and Colette.

Surprisingly, Ayumi popped up in the FR2 line as Luminous in 2011 (below, left)  and Opium in 2012. Luminous was not a popular doll and although her dress was quite pretty, her face was not.  I'm not sure what sculpt Opium uses. She has grown on me and in a close-up is very beautiful. Of all the aforementioned Ayumis, she has remained in my collection. She was a change from the first Ayumi sculpt. At that time, the IT designers were mixing up the sculpts like crazy. I don't have a clue as to whether or not Opium's sculpt is a mix from other dolls or a new sculpt entirely. 

The third sculpt is totally new. She looks beautiful. The screening is lovely. Her youthful and glamorous hairstyle and the sequined qi pao made her a keeper in my collection!


"Le Smoking" Adele received rave reviews by collectors. She's been compared to The Muse Adele, (2008), widely held to be the most beautiful Adele ever produced. For this version of Adele, they went back to the Adele 2.0 sculpt. Hopefully, they will keep it there as 3.0 is dour. 

Via Venetto Adele (2004) from the amazing Voyages Collection was my first ever Fashion Royalty doll. I have a fondness for that sculpt but I do like 2.0 more. In the photo below, she is not wearing her original fashion. 

Graphic Language Adele (Graphic Flirtation, 2004) used a new sculpt. This doll is still very popular albeit not on her original body. 

The Muse (2008) It doesn't get better.

In 2011, Adele 3.0 was introduced at a convention as part of a two doll gift set called Style Counsel along with Veronique. What a hot mess these two turned out to be. Veronique needed a different hairstyle and Adele needed her old face back. 

In 2013, Adele was released as an ITBE doll. She appears to be using the 2.0 sculpt. This image is by Julia Leroy who restyled the hair and designed the jewelry.

I call this 2014 FR2 version What Were They Thinking? It is really named Vivid Encounter.


  1. I really like the new Ayumi. Beautiful face. She looks very adult to me, so I think of her as FR.

  2. Adele 3.0 looks like a mean duck. Hope they go back to 1.0 or 2.0!!

  3. I really love the new Ayumi too- she looks very Asian, I love the shape of her lips!

    Of course I love that Adele 2.0 sculpt too- I finally managed to track down a Le Smoking Adele, what a gorgeous doll she is!

  4. The FR2 Ayumi was a new head sculpt. She repaints well, but her original face screening was very harsh. I really don't know why they tinkered with the head sculpts, Adele vs.2 and Vanessa in particular were better left alone.

  5. Opium and Luminous were the same sculpt, and they have the same screening, with different palettes, I wonder If shue would've look better with a different screening, Anyway new Ayumi is so beautiful and very asian-looking.

  6. I have the first one and like her. I think the 3rd sculpt is really beautiful.
    I tend to love all the original sculpts but she is lovely.
    Beautiful photos, Terri. XXOO

  7. I am so glad Adele 2.0 came back. This is my favorite Adele sculpt. I have owned and have sold many Adele's. I just realized the ones I have left are all 2.0 sculpts. (Graphic Language, Muse, Scarlet Woman, Le Smoking). I hope they continue to use 2.0.

  8. I do like the new Ayumi. I haven't seen her in person yet, but hoping I win one in a lottery. I do own Opium. Not sure if she is the only character with Ayumi 2.0 or how they will use that sculpt next. Ayumi 1.0 is now being used as Imogen only.