Fashion Teen Poppy Parker 2014

 This year's collection from Integrity Toys includes four 16 inch Poppy Parker dolls.

Sunny Splash $120
Fashionable Suited $140
Ma Cherie $140
Floatiing Dream $140

I am trying to find something I like about them because it's certainly not their duck bill lips. Seriously, do these dolls sleep with clothespins on their lips? I pucker up every time I look at them to see if I can even get my upper lip that close to my nose.

The jewelry on Floating Dream is very nice. The gown is very much like something Tonner has dressed Tiny Kitty in. In fact, I have dolls dressed similarly who are much more adorable in 10" size than Miss PP Teen queen.  Oh so Barbie.

Fashionably Suited is wearing a beautiful suit. Other than the aforementioned face, she is a lovely doll and my favorite of the lot.

Sunny Splash comes with some cute accessories.

Each doll is priced at $140. except for Sunny Splash who is $120. I'm not familiar with these dolls' bodies so I do not know what other clothes fit them.

 Next year's prototype, perhaps?


  1. Duckbill lips... LOL! I guess that's supposed to be sexy.


  2. The "Duck Lips" are a challenge......
    I bought one big "Poppy" and I rather like her, in spite of the oversized head and huge cartoon eyes.
    The accessories look really interesting and I'm thinking seriously about the suit.

    I like the fashions overall better than the first set.
    As always love the blog!

    Will C.

  3. I love Fashionably Suited and Floating Dream, (even though it does look very Barbie). However, I would just be getting them for their outfits, and since I am too lazy to sell the nude dolls, I have tried to resist...

    Agree the lips look ridiculous.

  4. Like you, I'm not sure what is going on with the 16" Poppy and Tulabelle faces. I have one of each, and I deem that plenty -- which says something. The clothes, however, are lovely. The suit is my favorite, with Ma Cherie a close second. Floating Dream is very nice, but strikes me as needing a bit of editing. I'd definitely buy the clothing at some point if I found the outfits for reasonable prices.

  5. Besides her duck bill mouth....I see her wide apart eyes (unnaturally)!as Space,Monster Alien. Kinda freaks me out.