Italian Doll Convention in Milan Begins Saturday

I'd love to return to Milan one day. This year will not see that happen for me. However, many lucky collectors are on their way or already have arrived in Milan for the Italian Doll Convention which begins tomorrow. We're seeing many photos on Facebook of schedules and arrivals.

One photo from the Superdoll site (not there any longer) shows a new doll called Londra with a gorgeous set of gold luggage standing in Milan at an elegant and fashionable shopping area called Via Montenapoleone. 

It's a wonderful photo. Here's a close-up. I'm not a fan of the ginormous lips but I adore her fashion.

Londra on Instagram
The gorgeous OOAK Superdoll created for the IDC charity auction sold for €3,970 (Euros.) That translates to $5,414.58 US Dollars. Izzy was the winner.

Sybarite Cardice OOAK


  1. I agree. Those lips are too much. Lay off the fillers, Londra!

  2. I thought it would be nice to mention the charity for which the auction dolls were donated.