Tonner Doll’s Wizard of Oz Contest Winners Announced

Tonner Doll recently held an interesting contest with the Wizard of Oz as the theme. One part of the contest was for photography and the other was for writing an alternate ending to the fairy tale.

The photography contest winner was Dave Decaro whose sepia toned rendition of Dorothy is spectacular. Dave has been featured on this blog for his wonderful doll photography as well. He's certainly a winner in this field. Visit his website at http://davelandweb.com/

The winner for the Alternate Ending Award went to Kristin Laveaux. What a great ending she came up with! I think there's a message in there for all of us.
Dorothy watched the wizard drift out of sight. She didn’t know how long she stood there, rooted to the same spot in disbelief. Her only chance of getting home was gone. The Scarecrow noticed her tears first.


She could barely whisper, “Now I’ll never get home,” before she broke into sobs.
Her friends gathered around her, as distraught as she was. She couldn’t hear their consoling words through her tears. It was only when the Scarecrow took her hand that she noticed Glinda floating towards her, the bubble of magic shimmering in the growing light.

For a moment, Dorothy simply stared as the hope she had lost moments ago began to rise in her again. “Can you help me?”

A hush fell over the crowd. Even the wind had stopped to hear the Good Witch’s words. Glinda’s smile was more radiant than the sun. “I can,” she replied, her voice like angels sighing. “For what you seek is home, is it not?”

Dorothy nodded. “Yes. I want to go home. More than anything!”

Glinda was silent for a moment, though her smile hadn’t faded. “Do you not see it, my dear?”

“See what?”

The Good Witch pointed to each of her friends in turn. “You seek to leave this place, but the family you wished for is before you.”

Dorothy hesitated. “Well, I do love you all dearly,” she said slowly, turning to the Tinman, the Lion, and the Scarecrow. “But I can’t stay here. Auntie Em and Uncle Henry will miss me.” She felt her heart sink as their gazes fell to the floor.
“I have to go back home.”

Glinda’s tinkling laughter penetrated the dark cloud that had gathered over her heart. “Dorothy, my dear, you are home! For the world which you are seeking is but a dream.” Glinda took her hand. “Do you not remember?”

Confused, Dorothy’s eyes fell to the ruby slippers. They shimmered up at her. She could feel their magic, so familiar, like a comforting childhood friend.

“Try to remember, my dear.”

Dorothy closed her eyes and thought. She recalled everything she had done since she had come to Oz. She had killed the Wicked Witch of the East and freed the Land of the Munchkins from tyranny. She had saved and befriended an intelligent scarecrow, a brave lion, and a loving tinman. She had braved the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and destroyed her as well, saving the land of Oz.

But there was something else, the barest ghost of a memory. She had known the same feeling the first time she had met Glinda in Munchkinland. It was a feeling of peace and belonging. A feeling of…

“…Home,” she said aloud. Her eyes shot open. She had found the answer. “Oz is my home!”

“You remembered!” Glinda smiled more radiantly than ever. “Yes, my dear Dorothy, Good Witch of the South. Welcome home at last!”

Dorothy smiled as everyone cheered. She remembered it all. She was home.

Congratulations to the winners! Well done.