Volks USA Closing LA Store

Volks USA has announced that they will be closing the Los Angeles Tenshi-no-Sumika LA showroom at the end of March, 2014.
Here is the text of the announcement posted on their blog today:

Big Changes Coming to VOLKS USA!

January 11th, 2014
As many of you may know, 2014 is the 15th Anniversary of the birth of our “Dollfie” line of dolls, paving the way for so many new opportunities in the doll hobby.
With that, VOLKS has a lot of things planned, and for VOLKS USA that means a lot of changes.
In Spring of this year we’ll be introducing a new website with new systems and services for all of our customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We’re very excited to introduce it to you!
We have a new manager here now as well and he will be leading the way for these changes and for the future of VOLKS USA. Here’s a message to all of you from him.
“I’m dedicated to presenting joy and excitement to our customers through VOLKS’ hobby world! I’m really looking forward to the future of VOLKS USA and I hope to create a thriving hobby base here in the United States.”
That being said, we do have some sad news. Our Tenshi no Sumika in Los Angeles showroom will be closing after March of this year. Our last weekend open to the public will be March 29th and 30th.
We know that our local customers and those of you hoping to visit will be upset and disappointed and we do understand. We thank you so much to all of you who have come to spend time with us, bringing joy and gifts along with you and we would love to see as many of you as possible before then!
We hope that all of you can understand that this is difficult for us as well and is being done with an eye to the future. We hope that someday we can open a new store location. Until then, we will focus on our web store, on growing VOLKS USA’s presence here in the United States, and work to make it the best that it can be.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us over the years. We hope that we will continue to have your support in the years to come.
Your VOLKS USA Staff



  1. Sad news. This is where I've been getting my copy of FDQ so I will sorely miss them. It also was where I got to see the range of sculpts available. The web is good but nothing compares with actually seeing the product in person.
    Will C.

    1. It's happening everywhere with brick and mortar shops - especially doll and toy related.
      I hope you will consider getting a subscription to FDQ now.

  2. So sad, I ordered my two full choice system dolls there. I think the only way you will be able to get a custom order done would be in Japan or Korea now. How sad. I enjoyed looking at the sculpts and displays.
    Stephanie Y.

  3. Too bad. I guess I feel even better to have spent over $300 when I visited for the first (and only) time a few months ago! (I was a bit in shock at the register.) I mostly purchased items from the defunct 1:6 scale Who's That Girl model line: clothing, accessories, dolls. Also got the Who's That Girl catalog, a little bound book full of fashion ideas. ~ib

    1. I bought lots of fashions from that WTG line, too. It was great. I wonder why they discontinued it. The clothes were modern and great for mix and match.

  4. I didnt get to visit it because i live in a different state. :3;
    I was going to buy my first Dollfie Dream there...