Back in the Doll Room Again

I'm happy to report that today was the first full day without a horrible back spasm. I did not miss them at all.
Yesterday I kept busy by photographing an assortment of new and redressed dollies.
Two of the latest Tiny Kitty dolls arrived and they are lovely additions to my TK collection.
Besides the rise in price, I do notice a lack of detail and accessories. Tonner always impressed me with his handling of fabric in that there would be some sort of embellishment be it embroidery or beading or something. That's not included with these gals. There are no purses and the shoes are the kind that has the twisty elastic. But I do love their faces and hairstyles so I'm happy with them. First up is "Dinner Dance."
Below is "Pink Champagne." She is also seen in the third photo along with the TK from MDC.
They did come with earrings but I took the pictures before inserting them. One of these days I am going to set up all my TKs with their furniture and other props for a big photo shoot. One day.....
Before an Integrity Toys convention there is always a flurry of great sales. Luckily I'm not particularly in the market for any of their products but when someone offered this two piece outfit from A Fashionable Life Gift Set, I snapped it up. I sold mine so long ago and I thought it would look divine on one of my Silkies. I was right. 
The quality of design and construction was so good under Jason's helm. If you didn't already know, all of the fashions made to fit the dolls prior to the "tall body" fit Silkstones perfectly-including the shoes. So if you see a gorgeous fashion from that "era" buy it if the price is right. Your Silkies can show it off to it's best advantage. They can also wear "Monogram" doll and "NuFace" doll clothes as well as shown below.
One of the outfits I purchased at Metrodolls, "Smoking," fits the Tyler body best of all.
The pants and shoes fit the resin Gene body beautifully but the rest of the fashion (halter, bustier, jacket, skirt) fit Tyler (Sydney, etc.) best. 
A new Cissette joined the tribe. She is The White Witch of Narnia. So cute!!!!
The Ficon doll known as Miss G White arrived. I am very happy with her. I have her in her sister's outfit and a wig by Ilaria. 

She is posing with Toxica who is wearing part of an outfit from Every Day's a Holiday. 

Toxica's wig is by Chewin and was made to fit a JamieShow male. Unfortunately that male is not Alejandro and I have no other wigged males. Soooo, I heated this wig in a heating pad a few times to shape it and I trimmed it a little. I like it on her - for a change of pace.
Violet was also in the doll room trying on one of Sandra Stillwell's fashions from Radio Days.
I'm not thrilled with it. The background is too busy anyway. It is a busy room!
Now you want to know who that handsome Devil is, don't you? He's Devil Damon, an Integrity Toys' doll. Yes, I do still buy some of their dolls if they are extraordinary. He is definitely not ordinary.
They say the horns are removable but I don't think I'm taking them off just yet. 
He is a dangerous character having already attacked one of my Elises.

Well that's about all I'm going to stuff into this overly long, run-on post tonight. 


Wait.....I forgot one thing. Here is a picture of the largest sunflower head I ever grew. It  measured 14" across (not counting the petals or anything.) Do you believe this? We have the worst fricking soil and this thing grows 12' tall and 14" across. And it's not the only one. 


  1. Ficon Miss G is stunning!! I LOVE the wig and the outfit on her too!!! How does the posing of the Ficon doll compare to the Syb body?

    1. It's more difficult. They are not as sturdy.