Italian Doll Convention 2013

This is the logo for the upcoming Third Italian Doll Convention. The dates are May 25-26, 2013 in Milan.

There will be a Monster High Event! Can you read Italian?

There will be a huge salesroom with the likes of Magia2000, Fashion Doll Agency, Ruffino Francesco, Inika for Blythe, Laurence Bellet and many, many others.

The popular Fashion Show takes place at the Gala Dinner. Guests are invited to participate by wearing their favorite Barbie or Ken outfit and to bring the doll along with them onto the red carpet.  The theme is IDC Goes Musical which should give participants a direction for their choices. I would love to see that!

Possibly the most important aspect of this event is the money for charity which will be raised. This year they have chosen Casa Oz.  www.casaoz.org

Charitable donations of magnificent dolls and in two cases, handmade wigs, have been posted on eBay for auction.

My favorite is from Superdoll. It is a OOAK Sybarite doll called "Gladrama." If I know Sybarite collectors, the sky's the limit as to how high the winning bid for this doll will be.

I like the Fashion Doll Agency "Sophia."  She comes with the complete fashion collection from the Noir line.

There are 16 items for auction. Click here to see them all. Will you be bidding?


  1. Ooo, I wonder if they'll have an exclusive MH doll?

    1. The brochure says:
      "our monstrous monster high friends will dance for you"
      "a nice gift for all children"
      No mention of exclusive MH doll.

  2. Dear Terri,

    Are you going to Milan

  3. I truly enjoy the Fashion Doll Agency Noir Line. They are very unique.

  4. Wow... Gladrama is at almost $3000 and it will only end in 4 days!! I wonder for how much it will sell?!?!!

  5. This is what I got out of the poster...

    Only All Italian Doll Convention.
    Our Mostruouse Friends of Monster High will dance for you.
    A Cute Tribute To All Children.
    Sunday, May 26 15:00 pm
    Hotel Melia
    Via Tommaso Masaccio, 19

    My Italian suks tho.
    Sounds very exciting!!!
    Wish I had the means to attend a convention abroad!!! :)

  6. The Monster High event will be interesting, will need to look out for pictures on the web after the event. It sounds like there'll be dancing with people dressed up as Monster High characters.

  7. Neat that monster high dolls made it into the convention now if they would only come to the conventions in the states. Going to IFDC convention in las vegas and theme is monster but they don't don't have monster high event unfortunately.

  8. the FDA doll is rather gorgeous!!!
    The Sybarite is meh.... the close ups look like the wig is coming off