Inro Gets Her Man

I've been so busy with the house that all I've had time for is trying a few wigs on Inro. Handling her  is a delight. I wish all of my non-Sybarite resin dolls posed like this one. I don't want to make a detailed comparison between her and the Sybarite body except for the hands.  Inro's hands are far superior and were easy to change out. I do have sets of expressive hands for my Sybs but when I attempted to see how difficult it would be to pull out a hand to get to the stringing, I decided to pass.

In this image, Inro is wearing a Cheryl Wood wig. Although it was made for Sybarites, it is resting on her head nicely. It would fall right off if I tilted her.

I did have time to get a man for this lady. Tonner's basic Hogyo arrived today. I don't know why I didn't like this doll at first. He is my second Hogyo and I really think he's great-looking. I love the pony tail!

These are Instagrammed pictures shot with my iPad. One day soon, these dolls will make it into my studio for a proper photo shoot.

Several "older" couples inhabit my showcases. Here's one Gene and Trent. I like the chiseled look of Trent but the Trent bodies are stiff and can barely pose at all. Even the Trents that Integrity Toys made for the last Gene convention are stiff as they used the same design for the body. I love Gene more now than I did when I first met her. I can't wait to see what Mel has up his sleeve at IDEX.


  1. I love this Inro doll of yours. Her face paint, eyelash details.. everything, are truly great!

    1. Thanks, James. She is definitely a keeper!

  2. When I saw Inro's promotional photos, I didn't care for her, but you've cast her in a new light. She is lovely!