Mel Odom: A New Doll?

Very exciting news just out: Mel Odom has teamed up with Jamieshow Dolls and FDQ in a new venture. It will be a doll. Jamieshow dolls are resin. Mel does Gene. So will this be a resin Gene? One can only hope. Gene collectors are just now reviving from fainting at the news.

If you want to be one of the first to see the doll and hear more about the future line (?), you will have to go to Orlando, Florida in April. Perhaps I'll see you there.


Saturday April 13, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at Universal
5780 Major Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819

Lunch with Mel Odom 

Come celebrate Gene's 18th Birthday with Mel Odom. Hosted by JAMIEshow Dolls and FDQ Magazine.  Join us for a two hour luncheon featuring guest of honor Mel Odom, as he talks about Gene Marshall and announces a new collaborative effort with JAMIEshow Dolls.  This is Mel's first public appearance since the retirement of Gene Marshall in 2010. Meet and greet Mel in person, and watch a history of the Gene through the eyes of Mr. Odom. We will be presenting a special new Ltd. Edition doll at the event, which will be available for purchase and to take home!

Mel Odom’s art first attained prominence in the mid-1970s with a series of exotic illustrations done for glossy magazines.  These pencil and watercolor drawings soon attracted assignments from art directors of other magazines, leading to a seventeen year, free-lance relationship with Playboy magazine, and covers for Time and Omni magazines as well as countless books. During this period, a successful line of posters and greeting cards using Mel’s iconic images was published by paper Moon Graphics.
In 1995 Mel retired from illustration and focused on a three-dimensional project, a fashion doll for adults named Gene Marshall.   Gene’s story of being a movie star during the 1940s and 50s was irresistible to collectors, and within a year of her 1995 launch at Toy Fair, Gene was in fact a star.  Bits of her story came with each doll and costume and in 2000 her lavishly illustrated biography: “Gene Marshall, Girl Star” was published by Hyperion Press.  Gene has been voted in Doll Reader the most influential doll since Barbie.

Note: A full sit down luncheon will be served with three meal options. Choose meal options at registration.  Click below to register.

Event Cost is $65.00
Event is limited to a Maximum 150 people.
We are sorry absentee packages are not available.


  1. Doesn't Integrity own Gene now? Or did they just have the license to make the new(est) dolls?

    1. Mel owns the sculpt and all the copyrights.

  2. I would love to see both. However..... Many of our IT Genes (and AD) dolls are yellowing and disintegrating, a GOOD vinyl replacement body would propel AD/ IT dolls and certainly increase Georges business. Jim Gaddis provided some EXCELLENT pics of Pinque Passion on an IT body. I sadly sold mine (yellowed).

    If Mel could combine resin (for special events) and a general BJD vinyl body (reasonably priced- Remeber the first GI Joes WERE BJDs), this would be a dolly "Grand Slam", where EVERYONE is a winner!!! And, Gene's 20th IS coming!!!!

    I once said on a board- the "vintage 20th century market" is dying. If all of this is true, VIVA LA GENE!!! Loved Barbie, but have had so much more fun with the larger fashion dolls.

    My career was in Quality Control. I really could help in future yellowing/ cracking via stability studies.

    As for the Recaptcha #s.........when I want to make a statement, it's worth going through the effort. :)

  3. Now these are good news.

    Gene was my first 16" doll.

    I always thought what Integrity did was some kind of
    "if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em" thing. So a relaunch by the
    man himself would be great.


  4. I loved Ashton Drake's Gene. Then found I loved IT's Gene even more. I'm eagerly anticipating what might be in store next for Gene and me. Thanks for the update - I'll be watching your blog to learn more!