The Tonner Sale

Yesterday my husband, dog and I traveled to Kingston, NY. We checked into the Hampton Inn and then met our daughter for a bite. On the way back to the hotel I suggested that we drive past the Tonner building on Wall St. to find out when the parade was taking place. Guess what? We arrived 10 minutes before the parade. That was a surprise and also the reason I didn't have my camera as it was back at the hotel. It was raining and very cold but we saw costumed Tonner staff leading the parade to the sound of bagpipes which scared the living daylights out of Rudy (the loud bagpipes scared him, not the Tonner staff.)  And when he saw the Cat in Hat in front of the store today, he wasn't too happy either.

The one smiling is my husband. Look at Rudy and the way he's looking at the costumed guy. Too funny.

Back to the sale.

This morning was the big sale at the Holiday Inn. The usual suspects were in attendance...those of us collectors from the tri-state area and now, Pennsylvania, a few Canadians and I guess the rest were locals. The ballroom had big round tables piled high with bagged, dressed dolls. In cartons around the room were bagged outfits and some boxed props. Those in the know practiced the grab and look later technique. One collector actually had her entire family outfitted with large bags into which they were instructed to take everything they could. It was fun and I am very happy with my gets. There were a few things I was disappointed to find out wouldn't fit any of my dolls - such as DeeAnna Denton's outfits, but I can sell those.
One doll I was happy to find was Neo Tokyo. I went knowing that I would be looking for him. I guess he wasn't that popular because there were many of him available.

I also got a beautiful Antoinette. I didn't even know she was Antoinette at first. I love her.

I've redressed her in one of the outfits I got.
In the background you can see one of my older Antoinettes wearing another new fashion.
I found a 13" Simone Rouge who is very pretty in person and will be the only other 13" companion my Bana Migdal has.

I picked up a bunch of Tyler Boutique tops and a bunch of NuMood tops and skirts.

Back at the store after the sale, collectors were invited to have Robert (as handsome as ever) sign their dolls and view the new Dr. Seuss dolls.  The rest of the Tonner staff was there to chat and help collectors in their pursuit of wonderful dolls.

I took a few pictures of the displays while Rudy was licking as many faces as possible.
There were many willing victims.

 I want the Reflections of Beauty Mirror. Please send me one.

 Woefully Romantic Ellowyne. Love her outfit!!!

 Have you seen the new bed in the Ellowyne line? It's divine and called Ennui Dreams. 

One of the packages waiting for me when I arrived home contained the Bugged collection from Superfrock.

A good dolly weekend? Yes. 

Happy Hanukkah!


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  1. Wish I could have been there to meet you finally Terri. Sounds like a great time. :)