Four Trees

Here are pictures of the four trees I set up in our living room and dining room.
This Chanukah tree turned out so beautifully that I wanted to take my good camera out of the studio and set it up to shoot pictures...but I've been so camera lazy lately. It's terrible. So I just took a bunch of individual shots.
I want to keep it up forever. I'm mesmerized by the delicate glass and the sparkling beads and the lights and the ornaments I made.

 I had a really great time decorating the big tree and the small ones, especially the last one pictured. It made all the difference in the world that I would be sharing them with guests.  They loved them and the children were wowed by the Monster High tree.

There is a small tree in the doll room. I must take a picture of that, too. It's really cute.


  1. Love the trees, Terri...I would love to keep up the tree all year long too. I love the lights and it is just a beautiful, positive sight.

    The Monster High tree is so Adorable! I can imagine the children loving it! I would too!

    Wish you and yours a Very Happy & Healthy 2013!!

    gerri XXXX

    1. Wishing you the most festive and brightest holiday, ever!
      Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments.

  2. Chiming in:
    I would want to keep the C-Hanukkah tree until it's beauty was obscured by dust! :) The others are sweet. Best to you.

  3. Hi Terri, the white and blue tree is fabulous, I love the colors together and the ornaments, I'd want to leave it up year round too.

    Actually I hate to admit it but I haven't taken our tree down in four years, it's in the solarium and a lot of work to put up. Unfortunately the inexpensive glass bulbs are faded, maybe it's time four a new designer look for me. And the LED lights are cooler now, modern technology.

    I like your Monster High tree too!

  4. I love that Monster High Tree. I just bought purchased another MH doll (Scaris' Skelita)... and I was trying not to. Shopping for others, purchasing for me. ;)