Catching Up

I am so far behind with my photography that it's not funny. Yesterday I took a bunch of my Sybs and other BJDs down to the studio for a shoot. It's a set-up for failure to have to take pictures without a plan other than "cataloging." Anyway, here is some of what I turned out.

"Neurotica" in a Cheryl Wood wig and Rosa Gloriosa cape.

Ficon "Leonie" wearing Ficon top, OOAK jewelry and IT shrug. Patta wig.

"Dionysis" in Bugged and a Cheryl Wood wig.

Sybarite "Domina" in Bugged

"Talc" in Bugged. Cheryl Wood wig.

"Basique Deux" Sybarite two-piece gown. Glistening Bandeau cuffs.


  1. love the first and last pics--gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful photos, Terri!! Love how Neurotica looks in that first photo. Talc and Domina look superb in their Bugged dresses. I love that raven wig on Dionysis! Last photo is really cool of the silver gown with silver cuffs.

    Dolly hugs and Happy New Year!