City Girls from the Tonner Doll Company

A very cute and affordable line of 15 3/4" dolls has been released by the TDC. They are the City Girls and are targeted toward younger doll collectors.
This debut contains one basic doll, three dressed dolls and three fashion packs. I would definitely purchase these for a child that was ready to move on from, for example, the American Girl dolls although they certainly could exist side by side in a child's collection.
Here they are.
Here are the fashion packs which are $24.99 each.
Cape Town
Gray Haze
They remind me of the Mod British Birds by Somers and Field, not in their looks but in their affect—innocent, fresh faced and smartly but simply dressed.
The dolls look to be fully articulated although I could not find information on their material and construction.
Looking back in my blog, I found a picture from last February's Toy Fair of the City Girls. Apparently two of the three dolls shown there did not make it into the debut. Perhaps they will appear towards the end of the year.


  1. These girls are adorable, & are going to be hard to resist.

  2. I like them! Mafi would like them too ^_^ The only outfits I'm not very fond of, are the ones from the "Basic Houston" and "Golden Swirl Astor" dolls. The rest is SO cute!!