Update on Violet Eyes That Weren't

Mattel/Barbie Collector came through on this one. They sent me a return label and I sent the wonky-eyed Miss Liz back to them. Today I received a new one with properly screened eyes. I am pleased. It did not cost me anything additional,  except time, to get a good doll.
Much better!
Her eyes are still not violet but neither are the promo's eyes.
So, the moral of the story is, don't settle for a messed up doll


  1. another moral....never mess with Rudy's human.... she's hardcore....i'm glad you got your doll

  2. Yes! Good for you Teri. These dolls are costly and like any other product the company should stand behind their work.

  3. So glad they made good on your original 125.00 investment.

    I still do not care for the production doll compared to the proto-type but I'm happy they sent you a GOOD version with perfect screening.

    1. I agree with you completely. I hope a re-dress and fluffing of hair will make me happy.

    2. Yes, Terri, and be sure to post those pics. Her dress is glued on. I am not sure how to get it off. Any tips on that? Hair fluffing helps quite a bit but I was terribly disappointed with the stiff body.

    3. I would warm her in a heating pad. That will soften the glue and enable you to peel the dress away. At the same time you may be able to easily scrape (carefully) the residue glue from her body. I haven't taken her out of the box yet. I'm still unpacking dolls from our move.

  4. Glad to see this worked out for you. Now use your hair/ photo talents to make her "Liz Taylor"!!!!

  5. That seemed a lot faster than a "customer care" service we know off... O:)

    I like the eyes of Barbie dolls quite a lot. Of course they are probably easier to paint since they are bigger than the FR ones...

  6. She's nice. I'm a teeny bit confused. What era of Liz's life are these dolls? Early film career? (Hot Tin Roof etc?) The doll's faces and hairstyling look like they could be. If so, the AIDS Ribbon era came later. Maybe the Red Ribbon was a contractual agreement with her Estate? Still a nice doll though. :)