Mini Sale Alert - Mattel

Mattel is offering up to 25% off all orders when you purchase something from the Mattel Shop.
Of particular interest are the Monster High items.
I don't keep very up-to-date on that line of dolls but I know that some people were complaining that the build a monster kits only had one torso. Now there is a pack of 5 torsos you can purchase for $7.99 before any discounts are applied.
A lot of their dolls are out of stock but you can pick up this Operetta for $17.99.

 I'm guessing that whatever good stuff is currently available won't last long so go now and look.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Terri! I just bought mine thanks to you!!! :)

  2. I also got a code from this site for 10% off IW4009266 which I used & saved 80 cents off the torsos just now :)

    (I have nothing to do with that site, I follow the FB page, I need every coupon & discount I can get to fit dolls in!)