Nigel Chia's Gioiello Twins

 I asked Nigel to send me some information on two of his gorgeous dolls whose pictures I saw yesterday.
See more of Nigel Chia's creations at his website:  www.nigelchiabridalcouture.blogspot.com/
The Gioiello Twins, as its name “jewel” in Italian are inspired by Ruby and Sapphire, thus I named them Ruby and Sapphy. They are one of a kind Deva Dolls specially designed by NiGel.ChiA which is limited to only ONE for each doll in worldwide. Both of them, Ruby and Sapphy have a reshaped face with higher cheek bone, more refined nose and jaw line; with different makeup by NiGel.ChiA, they transformed into twins that have totally different personality. They even come with private part detail drawing, full body blushing and French nails which giving them a more realistic look than normal fashion dolls! The red and blue couture gowns are specially design by NiGel.ChiA for both of them. Ruby is the symbolic of fire and passion while Sapphy is the symbolic of water and calmness. They also come with removable hard wig cap with Tibiet mohair (Sapphy) and high temperature hair (Ruby), with a special hairdo and hair cut, they are non-other than high fashion sweet heart!

Did you know that Nigel designs human fashion? Some of the photographs of his dolls on his website are so realistic it's hard to tell the difference. Here he is with one of his living models.

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  1. Somehow Deva Doll managed to make these dolls & other OOAKs but can't get their &%$# together to make & ship the dolls that were ordered by ordinary, non-professional collectors. I'm not one of these but it amazes me when OOAKs are posted on the boards and so many don't have the dolls they paid for.

    For what it's worth, these dolls are very striking and someone will be very lucky to own them.

    Love your blog, Terri! Good luck with the sale & your move.

    Fran in NYC