Mattel Jumps in With William and Catherine Dolls

I think many of us would agree that there are already too many William and Catherine dolls available.
On 3/22/2012, this new pair will be available for the tidy sum of $100.
Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best  Release Date: 2/14/2012 Product Code: W3420

Here is the promotional text from Mattel:
This Royal Wedding® Gift Set includes exquisite portrait dolls of the bride and groom now bestowed with the titles, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Catherine doll wears an elegant, yet chic, gown inspired by the original and features lovely ivory taffeta trimmed with lace and faux pearl buttons. Also includes wedding bouquet, silvery tiara, earrings and engagement ring. Continuing the elegance is Catherine’s handsome prince. William is dressed in the brilliant scarlet uniform of the Colonel of the Irish Guards, proudly decorated with royal blue sash, metallic cummerbund with bow trimmed in golden fringe, golden buttons and medallions.

William and Catherine Gift Set (two dolls)
Do you think this will ship to Great Britain for any collector that might want a set? BarbieCollector ships only to the United States (all 50), Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories and Canada. However, this set will also be available through doll dealers for the same price. Many ship overseas so if you are wanting this set, go for it!

There's a little sale going on over at BC.Com for 25% off selected Barbie Collector dolls until 2/16. All the Mad Men dolls are on sale and I'm wanting Betty Draper. Actually I want her outfit but it's cheaper to buy the entire doll at this time than to just buy her outfit off the Show & Sell pages or eBay.
Also, if you are already a member of the BCC club, you may order your first club doll and use your first $20 off coupon. The sale will not apply to the new doll but if your order totals a certain amount (possibly $100.) shipping will be free. So here's my twisted mind working. Let's say I order Betty who, on sale, will cost me $56.21. The new Afternoon Suit Barbie Doll will cost $65. after using my first coupon. That adds up to $121. plus NYS tax which eats up part of my discount at $9.70 for a total of $130.91.
How much do I save by spending? Isn't that what it always comes down to? You have to spend to save. A twisted mind, I tell you.


  1. William... love him. But the doll... groan...

  2. I don't know both their smiles... look a little painful...

    1. I'll bet even the vinyl feels the pain.

  3. I on the other hand, find them so sweet =) Would definitly buy them, of my collection was in a certain direction ^_^

  4. I don't usually like celeb dolls as I don't find they usually look like the person, but the fashions are great and would look good on some of my other dolls! I will take a pass though...my mind always finds a way to rationalize my dolly purchases, so I must have a twisted mind too! I think it's a big club!

  5. I think the William doll's outfit is pretty cool. But I'd pass on the bride doll, there are too many of those already. Unless the miniature tiara was real platinum or gold, then I'd be tempted! hah!

  6. Mattel confuses me most of the time. Why would they go through such obvious trouble to make the groom doll in William's likeness and then give us a plain Barbie mold for Kate? It looks like William married some other chic. I can't wait until someone does her dress well. I'd love to have it. But not this one.