Hershey's Hommes

While on vacation this past week, I still browsed my favorite sites and came across these wonderful pictures of Zanifa Payne's (aka Hershey) Homme dolls.

I'd never seen so many Homme dolls in one collection and I was intrigued so I sent a few questions to Hershey.
Here is the text of her reply:
Apart from the twenty-two and counting Fashion Royalty Hommes, my collection also includes over one hundred Fashion Royalty female dolls, close to a thousand Barbies, countless miniatures, pets, vehicles, Barbie play sets, clothes, jewelry and numerous Re-ment sets. Basically the list is endless and all the items I collect are in 1/6 scale (Playscale). The male Fashion Royalty dolls are one of the smallest sections of the group, and I mainly collect them to be coupled off with my favorite female Fashion Royalty ladies, as an accessory of sorts. They are on display all the time in one of my many dioramas, such as the bar, cafe or barber shop. Collecting dolls began when I started to build 1/6 dioramas, and this dates back over 10 years.
My website www.lifecirclez.net (offline while I undergo updates) was started in 2003 and was created to facilitate the many photo stories that flooded my mind. The most notable being the Breast Cancer Awareness Convention and the Hurricane Preparedness story. Some of my past dioramas can be found on my Flickr photo stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/32312740@N06/

My ultimate goal is to build a city for my dolls with dioramas representing places such as a post office, supermarket, theater, dentist office and many more, possibly that room will become a museum of sorts.  This life of collecting, writing stories and playing with dolls will probably continue throughout my life, as it continues to bring me joy and permits an outlet for my daughter and I to enjoy together. 

Zanifa suggested another of her pictures to post here:

The fact that the dolls are dressed mostly in black creates a unified and powerful impact on the viewer. What a fun photo.

I highly recommend her flickr which you can find under the name,  citycirclez's photostream.

It's so amazing what people do with their dolls.

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  1. Very impressive! The fact that she has so many stylish males is remarkable too.