W Club Exclusive Doll Avantguard BIJOUX

Bijoux is a French word meaning a small, dainty ornamental piece of delicate work or, as the adjective bijou, it describes something delicate, elegant or highly prized. That's a nice name for a doll.
This new Avantguard doll is described by Integrity as follows:
The Exclusive W Club Bijoux AvantGuards Doll wears a dark fuchsia satin gown with black contrasting embroidery, orange chiffon inserted accent panels and striking black netting. A dramatic sprinkle of gold on her eyes makes this doll the shimmering bijoux that she is. The fabulous tapered black bob wig delicately shapes her face. The jewelry that accents this fashion consists of a necklace with three black roses and matching earrings. To complete the ensemble, Bijoux wears black platform skyscraper shoes.

The price is $185. which is $40 less than prior releases. What happened? Is the price seeking the correct level at last?


  1. The pricing has improved but the price point still needs to be more in line with Jason's Madam Alexander dolls (along with the great accessories).

  2. From the picture, I can't see any gold. The thick black eye-shadow makes her look drugged. As for the price, perhaps Integrity has seen all the previous editions that are now on sale at retailers.

  3. I'm glad to see the pricing improve....and hope it continues to improve since I agree with the above post that it needs to be in line with the competition. I'm also glad to see that they took a step back from the over the top make up for the last couple of dolls. I want something that is not a "one trick pony".
    I'm really debating with myself on this one.
    I wish IT used photos like yours Terri. I would like a sense of what this doll actually looks like and with the heavy bangs and the angles I really can't tell.
    (It only says anonymous because I can't figure out how to use the profiles)

  4. She is nice.. but I wish Integrity wouldn`t give them teeth. They look like the desperately need an orthodontist. LOL.

    The name Bijoux also reminds me of dirty movie theatre`s name here in Toronto... although they probably have had them, or still have them everywhere. :D
    I kind of agree.. $185.00 is still just a tad too much.

  5. The dolls w/the "Goldmine" face are my favorites of the AG line, and I like this one very much. I agree with you about the pricing, Terri - I think it's all a matter of reading the current fashion doll market. I think they ALL cost too much, but maybe that's because I'm a little poor right now LOL

  6. i was thinking the price was low-ish because it's a club doll. a lot of club dolls are slightly more reasonable in price compared to ones not 'direct' -- at least i have thought that about several (including for instance SF eug, mini AGs by way of recent ones). i thought freeze frame's price was good.

    i wonder if the pics are always 'bad' because they are still finalizing how the doll is going to look. what the factory can actually do with the prototype on the mass scale, etc. maybe even changing things after they see feedback from potential consumers! not the first time these possibilities have crossed my mind.
    of course, they always state the doll may vary, too.

    i wish we had option of getting either: complete dressed doll; just gown; just accessories.
    especially since they use the numbers to produce the edition based on preorders anyway.