Playing With Eugenia

When I have the time, I do like to play with my 'older' dolls. It's like getting a new doll! Yesterday, three dolls were stars in my studio, one of which was Deconstruction Site Eugenia. In this photo she is wearing LifeBall's gown (a bit tight in the bust but it closed.) She is carrying an early FR purse. Jewelry by Facets. I think she looks drop dead gorgeous. I was fooling around with some mylar coated paper as a backdrop. The technique definitely has a learning curve as I'm sure I can do better. One has to begin somewhere!

Another favorite Eugenia is "Overachiever". In this photograph I have her dressed in the Tonner 13" Miss Revlon dress. It's very large and pinned in the back from the bodice down to the hips. Her coat is from the Wrapped in Decadence giftset. Purse, shoes and sunglasses are from earlier FR fashions. This coat looks wonderful with a short dress.


  1. I love these shots so much!

  2. These are gorgeous (but I expect nothing less!).