Alice Cullen ~ Twilight Character Figure ~ Dolls

Alice Cullen is my favorite character from the Twilight series of books and in the movies. She is also the latest addition from the Tonner Doll Company to their Twilight line of dolls.
 I think she is adorable with her "Ashley Greene Head Sculpt", 16" Ballerina bust Tyler convertible body, amber eyes, wigged hair and cameo skintone. She is wearing a reproduction of an outfit she wore in New Moon.  The retail price of Tonner's Alice is $139.99 and she is expected to ship in September, 2010.

Here is NECA's prototype of Alice. It was shown at the New York Toy Fair in 2009. I could not find this one for sale.

Here's another from NECA being sold at Amazon .com. I cannot locate a better photograph of this doll. She is obviously wearing the same costume as Tonner's doll.  This one is only 7" tall and is called Twilight "New Moon" Alice Cullen. Price at Amazon is $39.95.
Finally we have the Barbie Collector Twilight Saga "Eclipse" 11" Alice doll for $24.99. This doll will ship in August, 2010. This one has the cutest face and changing the shirt to white was a good idea. It would be an even better idea to make all the dolls with a pivotal body. A vampire has to move, doesn't she?

Which of these dolls is your favorite?


  1. Personally, I like the face and outfit of the Barbie version best - but I agree, the body has to go. I much prefer the posability of Tonner dolls.

  2. The first NECA Alice has never been released but hasn't ever been officially canceled either. It is in NECA limbo.

    The second figure is easily available at TRU for $13.99 or with Edward in a two pack for $24.99.

    Lots of online shops and other stores have them too.

    It is a nice figure, Target carried them briefly in the electronics/Media department in Fall 2009 and I got one . Later a friend got me a second one for $3.24 on clearance. I actually dislike Twilight severely but NECA never releases any kind of civilian/victim/hero figures for it's horror figure lines and the Twilight folks make good generic teenage stand-ins for my displays.

  3. @toyblahg: Thanks for your input. I appreciate the information.

  4. Action figures are often more realistic than other dolls, I like their face, but the bodies are the drawback... my favorite is the Tonner version even if she seems not so close to the real actress face...

  5. If I was a Tonner fan, I really buy their Alice! She looks more than the Barbie!