Reviews: Temptation Vanessa and Fire Within Jordan

Temptation Vanessa is the most unattractive Vanessa I have ever ordered. I'm laughing at myself because my obsession with Vanessas made me do it. The sequin dress is style-less, the black shoes do not enhance the pink sequins and her hair...oy. She arrived yesterday - along with two other Fashion Royalty dolls.
I rarely photograph my dolls outside as I don't like to contend with wind, uneven surfaces, insects and the lack of control of lighting. But today I took her and Jordan out into the garden (along with the dog) and my point and shoot camera. The pictures are good enough for the review. That's all I'm going to say about the photography except that the first picture below is horrid.
Vanessa is actually very pretty once her outfit is removed and her hair is flattened and loosened. She is at this time sitting nekkid with curlers in her hair.
Here she is in the cottage first and then in the garden.

The dress from the rear:Her hair from the rear with the bump opened up:Luckily her hair is fully rooted. There are two small pony tails secured by easy to remove rubber bands. One, as you can see, is pinned and that's also easy to pull out. I did not remove the pin securing her bangs.
The shoes:Do you see the way the strap is threaded from side to side and then curves over the toes? It should not have come down that far because the strap doesn't lay flat and it's in the wrong place—very strange. I will examine them further to see if there is a possibility of altering them because I do like the platform base and the shoes do fit.

Fire Within Jordan. There are no quality control issues with her!
I'm not sure whether or not I actually like the outfit for a non-teenage doll. There are lots of details and they appear to be well sewn. I like her earrings and shoes. Her hair is straight and center parted. I haven't removed her jacket yet.
Here she is.

Jordan also comes with elbow length, faux leather potholders and a gathered tulle head thing. The hat pins are actually nicely scaled!
If you're thinking of purchasing Vanessa, she's sold out at all the dealers but I'm sure you can get her on eBay. Retail was $79.

Jordan is most likely available at most retailers at $139.

The other doll that arrived yesterday was Incandescent Monogram. She's up next.

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  1. I keep trying to look for a Vanessa that I do like, and this one didn't do it for me either. Her face is pretty enough, so I'm curious to see what you do with her hair. Maybe one day soon I'll find another fabulous Vanessa to go with Night Warrior.