Picture of the Week Award ~ April 10, 2010

Remember the name Rebecca Berry because you will be seeing more of her photography in the future. She posts most often on the BFC, In The Pink and on Doll Divas. I discovered this photo on the W Club and I'm glad I did.

[Picture source was removed by photographer.]

The doll is a new Fashion Royalty doll from Jason Wu from his Monogram line and is called "Disclosure."
She is dressed in the outfit originally from Valia "Adore." Isn't she gorgeous? Seriously!

I asked Rebecca to describe her photography set up and camera. Here are her responses:

"The photo was taken in a photo tent with a graduated blue background, (it goes from white to dark blue).
I like to take photos in natural light if I can but I live in the Pacific Northwest so good quality natural light is hard to find from November to July. I use a three light system most of the time - one on either side and one light on top. I show some behind the scenes of my setup on my website http://thinkpink1265.spaces.live.com/.
I am currently using a Canon 40D and these photos were taken with a 28-135mm lens."

"I consider myself a young an inexperienced student when it comes to photography and I have soooo much to learn. I am inspired every day by the photos I see on the doll board and flickr and especially on your doll blog. I love the photos you post."  {Ooooo....thank you, Rebecca.}

"My suggestion to fellow collectors is to have fun, photograph what you love and don't forget to play!"

Rebecca is blessed with a 10-year-old daughter with whom she spends time discussing fashion photo shoots. She feels inspired by the amount of creativity on the doll boards and is in awe over the supportive and kind natures of fellow collectors.

Readers, you must visit her links to see her work and her collection. You will be in awe! 

Congratulations, Rebecca, on the Picture of the Week Award!


  1. Yeah. Rebecca! I love watching you grow and thank you again for my first Barbie!

  2. O, yes, I am in awe.....what, I am stunned! Gorgeous photos, I browsed through Rebecca's other photos, and looked at the behind the scenes photos, and everything is amazing, wow, what a fantastic photographer she is!!! Thanks Terri for posting this!

    Greetings, Jurrie