Is it the economy or are the dolls just unpopular?

It seems that I've been asking this question on and off for almost two years regarding the prices consumers are willing to pay for certain dolls. This week it's a buyers' market when it comes to Integrity's Gene Marshall line and several Fashion Royalty/NuFace dolls.
I have never, in my years of collecting Fashion Royalty dolls, seen an established dealer selling FR dolls at a discounted price. I'm not talking about the play line dolls from IT. I'm talking about Jason Wu's Fashion Royalty and NuFace Premium Dressed Dolls.
Starting tomorrow, Cherished Friends will be selling off a varied selection of IT 16" and 12" dolls. I've seen them and the prices are excellent. Mary T already has a sale on Gene dolls running. I'm guessing other dealers will follow suit. Marlbe has some FR dolls on sale.
As far as the playline ITBE dolls, MFD is dumping them for $15. each. Makes you wonder how much they cost to make in the first place.
They have also reduced the prices of dolls and fashions from the Gene Marshall line.
MFD's prices on these dolls is very good. You will have to go to the specific sites to see for yourself.
Some dealers are still hoping to get retail on these dolls. But you don't have to pay retail. Shop around. There are many other dealers other than the ones I mentioned above and more dolls on sale other than those pictured.

In my opinion, now is also the time to buy older Fashion Royalty dolls...especially Veronique. I just scored an original close-up blonde Vero fully dressed with shoes still in their package, mint box and shipper for $50 including shipping. That was a very good price. This is my third original Vero. They come and go but I will be keeping this one. I want to try putting eyelashes on her. I have several tall bodies and she will be getting one. Her straight arm body is in excellent condition! They're not all falling apart as some say they are. I think it depends on on the climate and environment where it is stored. The quality of the garment is so fine it makes me pine for the olden days. This doll was $29.99 when it was released in 2001-02 in an edition of 1000 along with a redhead version and an Adele.

Here is the most informative link and I go to this reference site all the time for my archival info on Integrity Toys and Fashion Royalty products. Collect the earlier dolls! Their faces are gorgeous and timeless. These early 2001-2003 dolls would make a great foundation in any Fashion Royalty collection either nude or in original clothing:
Véronique Perrin Silver Society
Véronique Perrin Lush Life
Adèle Makeda Close-Up
Véronique Perrin Close-Up Redhead or Blonde
Véronique Perrin Midnight in Monaco
Adèle Makeda Purple Factor
Véronique Perrin Mauve Absolue
Véronique Perrin Paradise
Véronique Perrin Chic Escape

I have re-bodied all of my dolls who were originally on straight arm or 1st generation articulated bodies. I was not worried about affecting the value as I debox everything anyway. For resale purposes, 99% of the people want the latest body type.

Oh well. Everything changes. Time to look ahead to good things and take care of precious old things. Time to weed out the mediocre and to make decisions not to buy unexceptional stuff. It's not easy because so much looks so good.



  1. I’d chalk it up to the economy; doll companies will have to really think hard about what they produce now as collectors tighten the purse strings and become more picky. Thanks for the links to those sales—wow!

  2. In addition to the economy, there is just alot more product out from IT now than in the past and it's not all great classic design that will appeal across the board.

  3. Thanks for link Terri! I think the IT dolls were already overprice. Most buyers want the just for the outfit.

    Unfortunately prices have gone up, and so many dolls with close release dates.

    Another factor could also be the variety of type dolls that are now being collected.

    It takes a toll on your finance, so you have to be choosy, furthermore very few dolls are being sold out, so there is no rush to pre-order as it used to be the norm a few years ago.

  4. I have bought the first Adele from a fellow collector! Can't wait to go pick her up... I usually quite dislike the first version of Adele's face but... it's the FIRST one... I'm silly like that O_o

  5. I think it is a variety of things. The economy bears some blame but I also think there is too much product. I think Gene was grossly overproduced a few years ago. I also think the quality of FR has gone down. The original fashions were made of silk and other natural fibers. The details were impeccable and the dolls came properly accessorized. I think the lack of accessories, quality and price point is more of a problem than style. Finally I think a lot of FR fans are moving on the other companies such as Superdoll.

  6. Gosh..I just discovered the Fashion Royalty line a week ago and I am addicted ! I *really* should not be buying dolls with the economy as it is and I feel a bit guilty but I HAD to have Lukas, he is my first FR doll. I also bought the Thrill Seeker Luxury Wear out fit as well-I have no business spening this kind of $ on a doll outfit ! But I HAD to have it,lol. I am now tempted to get the cute NUFace Perk Colette as I can get her on sale for $69. Oh and about Pierre De Vries Lady Thriller ! Did I mention I am watching him on Ebay and he is to die for ! Lord help me :-) I have a penchant for the homme dolls :-)