Black Lace: The Third Mini-Gene Doll and Silver Zinger

Black Lace arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to rip open the shipper to see if this one was as wonderful as the first two. I was not disappointed. Of course I don't see how this one should be the same price as the others because she doesn't really have an outfit...but...the lingerie she is wearing is very nicely made. The sheer peignoir drapes nicely. The teddy underneath fits beautifully. Her hair is neat, not frizzy, and well done.
The only thing I was wondering about was the beige bow in her hair. Did they run out of pink ribbon to match the ribbon trim on the fashion? Very strange.
I'm happy to have the three of them.

My good friend Ovaz sent me Silver Zinger's outfit as a Christmas gift. Doll collectors are a great bunch of people! I changed the belt and altered the earrings which were too long. It's a great outfit. Aren't the shoes terrific? These shoes have the opposite issue from the usual issue. The platform is too high for the heels. So we're still looking for the shoe that will stand on it's own thereby enabling the doll to pose in a natural way.


  1. Congrats on the mini-Genes, they are wonderful! I think this W Club Gene is my fave so far.


  2. Laura:
    I'm very happy with them and I don't regret ordering the fourth one. I'm sure shell be cute but I didn't care for her hair or fashion.
    What I do wonder is...what character this mold will be for when it's used next.
    I'm guessing it will be for a friend of Poppy Parker.

  3. Good call on reusing it for Poppy! I could totally see that! And you know she will definitely be used somewhere!

    Agnes looks amazing in SZ's outfit!!