Dollystyle Convention Featured Souvenir Dolls

The Dollystyle Convention just took place in Tokyo on November 21-22. Attendees were presented with a stunning Amelie (Misaki's friend) dressed all in pink. Her fashion is a a throw back to the first Misaki doll who was dressed similarly but all in black. Amelie is called "Tokyo A Go Go." The original Misaki was called "Tokyo Here We Go!"
There was also an uber-limited Tokyo Here We Go - Marui Misaki released when the Nippon line began. I wanted this doll for such a long time and then I stopped collecting Misaki. She was dressed all in white and only 100 were ever made. I still admire this doll.

The other doll took me by surprise and until I was able to secure one I was on pins and needles. She is called "Night Warrior" and has the Vanessa sculpt.
Registrants also received the following items. This partial list was posted by Robsdolls.
DollyStyle Tote Bag(The 1st two were great!)
DollyStyle Tumbler
DollyStyle Pen
ECO Cute Bag-gift from Bar-B
Mini Cosmetic bag-gift from PB Factory
Momoko Doll-Gift from Sekiguchi
Doll Stockings-Gift from Azone
Mini Doll or Blythe items-Gift from Toms Toys & Goods

The convention was sponsored by BIC Co., Ltd. owned by the wonderful Kazue.


  1. This Vanessa is incredible! So glad for you! I wish I could afford one too. Cannot wait to see what you do with her.

  2. Hello, Terri, I love your blog.

    I must say I am disappointed with the Dollystyle dolls this year. I wish that IT had shown more imagination in the Amelie convention doll. It looks to me as if they've done same doll outfit three times. The doll is adorable, don't get me wrong, but it is not very creative. Amelie has not been very popular, which is probably why they stuck to what has worked in the past.

    The Vanessa seems wrong to me. She is a gorgeous doll, but she does not fit the convention theme of "Reunion" nor does she reflect Japanese culture or trends. "Night Warrior" is a nod to the current love affair we (the USA) have with Vampires. Are the Japanese also in love with Vampires? I'm not so sure, but I would have preferred a high fashion doll wearing street wear or a gown reflecting current fashion trends and makeup designs used in Japan. Check out Tokyo Fashion Week report here http://www.jfw.jp/en/report/collection.html . In my opinion, this Vanessa seems designed and packaged for the US market. You are fortunate to have her.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!