Welcome Puki Puki Madeleine!

A new girl has joined the tribe. She is a FairyLand tiny (11cm) BJD. This particular one is called Madeleine. I wanted Lily but I couldn't wait to get one from Korea so I ordered an 'in stock' doll from Denver Doll Emporium.
I was in love the minute I opened her box. The articulation is fantastic and she is very easy to pose. There are fourteen different faces available and they're all precious.

One has a cat face and is called Pukisha.

This is PongPong:
Pong Pong basic

Here's Sugar:
These dolls are 4.4 inches tall and wear a 3.5-4 size wig. Their feet are really tiny at .59 inch but most of the Mattel Kelly shoes fit well.

Here's my girl:
The chest Madeleine is perched upon is from a Re-ment "Bringing up Baby" set of miniatures. This particular set is scaled perfectly for the Pukis.

In the above photo, the doll is wearing a cute wig that I had purchased for my Orientdoll So. Right now it's the only wig I have that fits well. The two smaller poodles are 1/6 scale fuzzy minis purchased on eBay and the larger poodle is a custom-made needle felted item.

Madeleine is checking out the toys in the wagon. I snatched these items from a 1/6 scale room box I made about 30 years ago. I think that room will be her new home.

The dress is a bit of lace pinned in the back and the flower is on a wire stem wrapped around her neck. The original colors of these items were beige but I Photoshopped them.

Denver Doll Emporium deserves very high recommendations on their customer service. They answer emails quickly and ship the same day depending upon the time you pay for your order. They do not overcharge for postage. What else can you ask for from a dealer? They have a limited supply of in-stock items from FairyLand. Most items are pre-order and take about 6-8 weeks to arrive. A deposit of about 30% is required. When you think about the amount of money you save by buying from a company in the US (if you live in the US) it's so worth it to order from them. There appears to be a larger selection from FairyLand but I haven't asked them if everything on the FairyLand website can be ordered even if it's not on the DDE site.


  1. I love these dolls.. thanks for posting.
    I really need one of these little cuties!

  2. Oooooo Terri, she is just adorable!! Congrats!

    I have seen these cuties off and on and, of course, admired, but dismissed due to their size.

    Now seeing your fabulous photos and the possibilities...well, you-enabler-you!

    And I agree with you on DDE. I grew up in Denver and this place is fabulous--in person or online!

    Best wishes with your darling Madeleine,

  3. Thanks, Catherine. She's a delight!

  4. Ohhh so cute they are!!! I only knew about the naripons.. they always give you this Kitty eyes... you wan to hugh them!!!