Twilight's Bad Guys (and a Girl)

Three new Twilight character figures were announced today by the Tonner Doll Co. If you haven't read the series, these three are a small nomadic group of vampires who provide most of the plot of Twilight. Victoria is a major bitch.You may or you may not be wondering what happened to her shoes. This trio of phlebotomists goes shoeless. What? Did you think they forgot shoes for the dolls? Victoria actually comes with flat and high-heel feet so she can run around on her toes. Doesn't everyone?

Laurent doesn't play much of a role in the books, but this doll is the best of the three IMO. I love the faux leather jacket and the tight cords. He's even got the tops of his boxer shorts sticking up from above his belt.James is a serious predator. His outfit makes more sense to me. I don't understand why they describe him as "devilishly handsome." This doll is the only one out of all of Tonner's vampires that actually has a sickly pallor and could be a vampire.
Pictures above: Tonner Doll and Me! Mine is the second one of each pair of shots.

When I saw these dolls at the reveal at the Tonner store last month I wondered why one would want the bad vampire dolls. Then again, why would anyone want vampire dolls in the first place? Logic does not belong in this discussion.
I understand the attraction to Edward as he is highly romanticized in the book. I have to admit that I read them all...at least I think I read them. They're like Chinese food. You're hungry again shortly after reading them. They are quick reading, not frightening (unless you know good literature) and possibly entertaining if you want to know what the teeny boppers are screaming about.
All I want from this trio is the clothes.

The suggested retail price for each doll is $179.00. Apparently between August and now, the price was raised by $20 per doll. Did the economy suddenly get better when I wasn't looking? You may be able to see the price on the cards of my photos. It says $159. These vampires exact quite a price, don't they?
Production is 1000 of each and they are due to arrive from the beginning of October through December.
Pre-Order at Cherished Friends for $153.

What did I do with that garlic necklace?

Aren't they cute?


  1. OMG... I love the bats... they're so cute albeit in a strange way but I still like 'em!

    I think Laurent is hot!

  2. MMMm... bats! I LOVE bats! Hubby and I sat in an attic once just to take piccies of them!

    Out of TWO rolls of film, only got a few good piccies to use!