Homage to Veronique Perrin - Part I of Many

It was announced last year that Veronique's sculpt would be retired. She was one of the original two characters of the Fashion Royalty doll line along with Adele. This is the first in a series of posts which will show the Veroniques I've photographed. I have not collected all of them but I've had many. Some are in the collections of others now. All the Veros I own are on tall bodies now; however, you will see an assortment of bodies as these photos were taken as I went along my merry way. Any image that does not have my signature belongs to Integrity Toys unless otherwise noted.
Starting with the Spring 2003 Premiere collection we have a Close-Up Blonde and a Close-Up Redhead. Both were editions of 1000 and priced at $29.99. They came dressed in panties and a lace up bustier and a fabulous, rich-looking long robe. The robe had a W embroidered on one lapel. The jewelry was a pair of faux diamond studs and the shoes were slip-on pumps with fabric linings and uppers.
Their hair was long and silky and they were gorgeous even with their straight arms. The finish on those dolls was perfection.


  1. Gorgeous photos, as usual--and lovely tribute. One of my favorite sculpts, as well. Thanks for posting these, Terri!

  2. I recognize Joe Tai and Ginny's dresses. That first Joe Tai I always wanted with a large skirt (I have one in a color variation with yellow flowers) but was never able to find it.

    Veronique has always been my favorite character, I wish they'd show her new face already!

  3. Thanks for posting memories Terri.
    Oh.. the good old days.. when basic dolls that came with clothing only cost $29.99!

    I sold mine.. to a dear friend who 'needed' to have my old dolls (she said she wanted to pay me handsomely for them.. she says that "I am the keeper of all the old dolls!"

    I don't know the fashions.. but I do know it is always a pleasure to read your blog.

  4. James: I'm happy to hear that others treasure the 'older' dolls. Just think...they're not even that old yet! It will be just 7 years. Is it time for a retrospective (re-imagination) already?

  5. Imagine Terri.. re-imagining already great old dolls. I am wondering who's imagination will be imagining.

    I get the feeling Jason, like Elvis, has left the building. Leaving only the ghost of the original designer.

    Also.. at what cost? These new old ideas by new hands (and obviously a new cheaper manufacturing company) will probably not have the flavour of the old girls.

    My dear doll buddy, called again.. she needs some more my old gals.. LOL

    In the "old" days when the dolls were new, and unknown I took a chance on them, looking for an alternative to Barbie. An inexpensive, better made alternative. I found it in FR at MFD. I was one of "the early settlers", trying a new doll while everyone was still buying Babs.

    Now, with so many production issues, and the monumental costs of the dolls (coming with fewer things in the boxes).. I long some reimagination.
    Thanks for your honesty in your Blog.

  6. James:
    I love reading your comments.
    John Lennon imagined things that weren't....
    That's imagination.

  7. Thank u Terri it's so nice to see some of the dolls I always wished I had but never had the chance to buy because they were sold out! Always a pleasure to read your blog.