First Photoshoot with Aphrodisiac AvantGuard

The second wave of AvantGuard dolls is beginning to arrive. First to show up on my deck was Aphrodisiac. The packaging of the AGs is pristine in their black and white boxes, inner boxes and inner, inner boxes. Yes, there are several layers.

This gal has the same gorgeous sculpt as Goldmine. The wig appears to be exactly the same as well except this one has been combed out to explosive proportions.
Aphro's well tailored and constructed shadow striped jacket came with one side (accidentally) folded back which needs to be addressed with a steam iron.

The boots came in a cellophane bag. I don't know who decided to make the ties so short. It was definitely an exercise in patience and dexterity to get them on, get the laces tied and keep the tongue inside the boot at the same time.
The semi sheer and metallic silver sleeveless blouse is very pretty with it's jabot. I would have liked a mini skirt instead of the same black shorts which appear to be leftovers from Eclectic's ensemble. I don't know why IT uses the same clothing items and wigs for successive dolls. It doesn't make sense for the collector to have duplicates.

What could possibly be inside the heads of the AG dolls which keeps normal length earring posts from being inserted? I have added a wire cutter to my doll work table! One must cut at least 1/2 of the post off in order for them to go all the way in. It's not a big deal but if you don't know, you might spend a good deal of time trying to insert an earring and wind up with an enlarged earring hole, a broken earring or both. Aphrodisiac is not a doll for the tame of heart. Her facial screening is right off the runway. She is very beautiful and fabulous for a while, but for long-term dolly fun, she needs to be toned down.

I have one nude Aphrodisiac for sale for $200 plus shipping. You get the extra hands and extra feet, stand, paperwork and box in shipper.


  1. This doll is really couture.. as u said..

    I love your reviews.. and your photos..

    She looks way better in the "modificated" pic you post at last..

    Dod u have androgeny?..

  2. I'm expecting Androgeny to be delivered shortly. Thanks for your comments.

  3. She's gorgeous but, for my taste, the eyes are too much! And I like smoky eye make-up usually.

    Fran in NYC

  4. This is my first time to your site, and I am just fascinated with all the dolls, and all your beautiful work in photographing them! I'm sure I will be back again!

  5. Yes, I really like the modified face-up as well.

  6. How tall are these dolls?

  7. To sonofellis7: They are 16" tall.

  8. I love Aphrodisiac. Is your second doll still available for sale?

  9. Welcome: Sorry...she's been with another owner for quite a long time now.

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  11. is it your aphrodisiac nude doll still available? please write me soon: figodido81@hotmail.it